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James Dixon - Blacklist and Termination Appeal

James Chappers

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Trooper's Name: James Dixon


Organization: FSP
Rank: Senior Trooper
Department: DOC
Badge Number (If Applicable): 253

The punishment you were given: Blacklist and Termination

Grounds for Appeal (Why should it be overturned):

The grounds for my appeal are simply, i believe the punishment in the first place was excessive, due to the nature of the grey area in which the situation sits, I gave a cash reward to a civilian for returning an escaped lifer under the pretense that they do not kidnap/harm the individual they told me they detained him while he was trying to lock pick their car.

For the most part, my career within FSP/KSP has been a good one, being a Supervisor of DOC on 2 different occasions and a CERT member a further 2 times, showing great leadership skills and teamwork skills in all of these above situations, despite the reputation people believe I have, I have not conducted any "Corrupt activities" since coming back to PD in 5.0.

I have now been a civilian for an extended period of time and have used this time to reflex on certain reactions or interactions i have/had with my command team at the time (Rhys/Ryan) and understand that the way I treated them and spoke to them was no welcome within the FSP and i believe i will come back as a fresh and new person.

Okay so now that i know the punishment was changed due to "leaking of IA case information" this was due to at the time i was very heated with the current (at the time) state of PD and DOC as i know Deputy Chief Rhys can a test too, due to personal life issues and constant DOC issues, this caused me to over react in multiple ways including the conduct i held with my DOC command at the time, Also during my IA case my case officer was leaking ongoing cases to me so at the time i thought it wasn't a big deal if i spoke too some of my friends about my case and get some advice on what to do and what my argument should be on the possible charges, now that i have had time to reflect on this i understand that is in no way an okay thing to do and is not appropriate of an Officer, and due to my past positions and conduct within Anzus PDs i believe this should show that i show a high level of care for the overal state of PD which sometimes means i get abit too involved in things that i dont need too, and the time i've had away from PD has allowed me to reflect on my actions.


Any evidence to support this: No my IA case was only brought to me 5 days after the incident so had no footage.


Have you requested reasons for your discipline (if yes, please paste them as a reply to this appeal): IA Case: 3024

Do you know the case against you (have you seen the evidence)?: Negative (on the evidence)

Do you request the Florida Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee obtain all evidence help by the government in relation to your case?: Yes

Please link your original appeal which must have been denied here: 


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  • Server Manager

Hi James, the reason for your blacklist as written on your appeal differs to the reason for your blacklist on the Internal Affairs case file.

You were blacklisted for distributing information, especially complainee details and potential punishment outcomes, outside of the chain of custody of your Internal Affairs case. Your initial punishment for the offenses you described in this appeal was going to be "15 Points and a 5 Day Suspension", however it was escalated and the charge of Intelligence Leaking was raised.

Please edit your appeal and include an appeal against this charge, then comment on your appeal once you have done so.

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  • Server Manager

Thanks for the update James.

I have came to a final decision on your case. Please note that this appeal is the final phase of appeal and this decision will be the conclusion of this punishments outcome.

On the matter of your blacklist from the Florida Highway Patrol, your blacklist was issued by High Command on recommendation from the Internal Affairs case against you. Your blacklist was issued for the reason of 'Intelligence Leaking', a felony criminal offense. Your termination from the Florida Highway Patrol was also issued on the same grounds.

Based on the evidence attached to Internal Affairs case file 3024, I can see clearly that during this incident you committed mutliple felonies, including Intelligence Leaking and Solicitation of Kidnapping. Along with this, there is evidence of disrespectful conduct from yourself towards individuals involved in this investigation, individuals tasked with the investigation of the felonies you had committed.

For this reason, your termination from the Florida Highway Patrol will be upheld, and you will not be returning to your previous posting in the faction.

As 4 months has passed since the incident, and since the information leaked from the Internal Affairs case was negligible, I will accept if you wish to make another Law Enforcement character and re-apply for the Florida Highway Patrol, your blacklist will receive an end date of the 5th of September 2023, however since the blacklist was for valid reasons it will not be officially overturned, just concluded.

If you do create a new character for the Highway Patrol, I hope you take this situation as a lesson learned and find motivation to control your emotions and be more understanding of the policies you are expected to follow.

Case closed.

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