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Update on where we are at with Florida Life 6.5

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to give an official update on where we are with 6.5.

6.5 Update
The developer working on the large building is not quite finished, testing has been going really well and we're very happy with where 6.5 is at. Once this building is delivered to us we will take a few days to film it for the trailer and script the functionality for the building. The time frame the developer gave me was 1-1.5 weeks and that was 6 days ago, so fingers crossed that next Wednesday we get the building which will give us enough time to film and get it ready for a gang wars event on that Saturday. Do not set this in stone as this developer has pushed it back about 10 times now but I am hopeful I have seen the progress screenshots and it's definitely close.

Mass Unban
The anti-cheat isn't quite set up yet, We've had some timezone issues with the developers of the anti-cheat but it will be ready for 6.5, if it's not ready we will be doing the mass unban regardless and the staff team will heavily monitoring returning players. Please inform everyone you possibly can about the mass unban as we want 6.5 to be a hit. We want to bring it back to the 3.0 vibes and give everyone a chance to be there. 

Note: We have unbanned everyone in Discord already, so they can join up and keep updated through there.

Thank you for all being patient, We've been in worse positions before and the people who have been here long enough know we will come out on top within the next month, I have a YouTuber lined up to make 3 videos on 6.5 to help with marketing and I want to assure everyone the staff team and development team are dedicated to keeping the ARMA server flourishing. 

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all soon! 


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With 6.5 coming and knowing what an amazing update this will be I'm excited for everyone to experience it!! For those who have been here a while they know every big update has a similar pattern if your new here stick with it and you will see 6.5 will being back the homies 


Cannot wait!!! 

Thanks to all those who are involved making every update unique and I look forward to the release. 



George Cown

ANZUSGaming - Management- Staff Manager 

Discord - George Cown #3104


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You know, great achievements require time and effort to construct. Let's get ready because version 6.5 is just around the corner, and it's going to be an absolute blast! I can hardly wait for the reactions to the changelog and to see the excitement on people's faces as they experience the changes

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Things have not been the best recently but with 6.5 around the corner and all the different things that are being implemented into the server it's going to be sick not just for the civilians but for all factions, It will be great to see a lot of old faces return! With the help of everyone, we can have 6.5 booming!


Anyone who has been blacklisted in the past in the PD please feel free to put an appeal in and it will be looked at.



Big thank you to all the devs that have contributed towards 6.5 your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!!! 

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 Ex Lieutenant Colonel Rhys Roberts - Florida State Police / TexasDPS

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