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Kamdan Life 2.0.6 [New Major Crime and Lots more!]

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Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11puGM_e0DYG3hKpzL6x51L9GyJE8JNi2/view

For google drive: Drag all the contents inside the google drive Addons folder into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life Addons folder

Arma 3 Sync:

If you didnt change your Arma 3 Sync last week check out: https://www.anzus.life/topic/7332-new-arma-3-sync-ip/

500MB modpack update

Note: We have a new stats page, thanks to Hero Either click "Player Stats" at the top or click here https://www.anzus.life/klstats/

  • New Military ship (Note its completely re-written since 1.0)
    • Buy Virus USB from rebel
    • Go to military ship, hack the mainframe and it will give you a code (REMEMBER THIS CODE)
    • Go to the center ship terminal where you will enter the code
    • Then go to the bridge and download the data onto your USB
    • Go back to the mainframe and enter the USAF database and it will give you a code (REMEMBER THIS CODE)
      • At this point you get a USB worth $200,000 at illegal trader, you can choose to go on or sell the item earlier for.
    • Go to the USAF communication center and enter the code
    • Go to the USAF Intel center and download the unecnrypted data and sell for $400,000-$750,000 profit.
  • New noticeboard on loading (We can change this on demand for new rules/changes without restarting the server)
  • New "The Lost Angels" quest ($75,000 reward)
  • New KSP SWAT bearcat
  • Removed all Trees and spaced them out more we've decreased the trees by more than 50%
  • Replaced M14 op rounds with the non-op ones
  • Added some new houses (not buyable yet but in the screenshots)
  • Added some new buildings around the map
  • Paycheck centre added to Jacksonville to be close to DOC
  • Fixed multiple dupe methods
  • Fixed multiple server exploits
  • DoD hacking time decreased by 60 seconds (Federal Reserve)
  • PsiGang uniform added
  • Mongrel Mob uniform added
  • Russian playboys uniform updated
  • Outlaw uniform added
  • Green Machine uniform added
  • Delgado uniform added
  • Added new underground tunnels to the water (will eventually have an underwater major crime that involves theses)
  • Added M16A6 back to SWAT
  • Anix island runway added




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(Also other dealerships are found to have different logos as map icons, but differently branded dealerships - Hydepark Audi dealer has Mazda logo)

but otherwise
+1 looks like some old content is making its way back in, definitely the more enjoyable side.


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delgado vest doesnt even say delgado it say icr/do ramily yikes

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Guest Sinan
On 6/21/2019 at 11:21 AM, Arnfred Hahn said:

Very interesting. Thank you for the devs hard work!


The Mc Donalds Building is stolen from Unity Life.... and the Police HQ is Open Source not self made

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