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Florida 6.6 [Casino Major, Wagers, New HUD, Bingo, and MORE]

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Google Drive New Mods: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1t9TWaPrGd-WPXhOIalU-AoVxm3knuISh&export=download
Arma 3 Sync:
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  • The return of Breadville Casino to St Petersburg
    • Loved and missed major crime returning to the server
  • Made the Emotion Casino robbable, with a base payout of $100,000 and then extra money for Casino profits.
    • A new server rule has been added for this robbery
    • You must make entry with Code Cracker via the Casino Garage
    • Use a virus USB to Hack the Vault
  • New HUD
    • Experimental new HUD originally intended for 6.0
  • Added Bingo to the Emotion Casino
  • Added Back the Wager System
    • Sign up for combat wagers at rebel
  • Added Player Owned Orchards
    • Generates berries when the owner is online, can be stolen from.
  • Added a new food item: Berry Doughnut
    • Much more powerful than original honey doughnut.
  • Significant Map Updates
    • Miami performance improvements
    • Lakeland
    • CTRG Base
    • Jacksonville
    • St Pete Casino
    • Nuclear Cartel
  • Disney is now robbable and the full major accessible
    • Disney Collector Trader in Miami
  • Fishing Changes
    • Added new bait, Crab Meat and Dough
    • Added random spawning schools of fish, you have to use a boat to get to them and to follow them
  • Added a new resource in Cuba: Chromium
    • Chromium is required for all higher end weaponry, chromium is of limited supply per restart, like Oil, and will be our way of controlling weapon supply for the future.
  • Removed all 50 round+ magazines from crafting, if any magazines have been removed that should not have been, please make a bug report.
  • Made car boosting slightly easier.
  • The major 5 minute timer will check for anyone in the building who has done a major recently.
  • Added a new scope to crafting and spec ops stores.
  • DTU can now get player hideouts.
  • GSU weapons.
  • Removed mining hotspots from Oil Rigs
  • SWAT and GSU M114 Martial Law/Raid Vehicle
  • Fixed Car Dealership door from getting blocked
  • Fixed t440 being lopsided
  • Fixed miami pd, all doors now only openable by cops, and cells are now usable
  • Lexus lightbar fixed and handling fixed
  • Ford gt interceptor handling fixed
  • New Civ Toyota GR 2020 tierable 1-4.
  • New Civ Aston Martin Vantage 2023 tierable 1-4.
  • Fixed License plate on Ford GT Civ version.
  • Fixed EMS 450 to have doors openable.
  • Added a few extra police lights to Ford GT500.
  • Fixed & Added all Police Crown Vic’s Tiering
  • Fixed CTRG Tahoe & Tiering
  • Added Booniehats to FBI
  • Fixed FHP CTSV Interceptor Speeds
  • Fixed Comet Speeds
  • Added Volkov Vest
  • Added New NFS Graffiti
  • Added 1 of 1 Civilian Ford GT & Added Tiers
  • Added tiers for SWAT Tahoe 15 SSV - Both lightbar and slicktop variants
  • Fixed FHP Bike Acceleration & Speed
  • Added New USCG & FFR Sea Bell H13
  • FFR Ram 5500 now works with stretcher
  • Other minor fixes and changes.

Please continue to report any bugs in the #bug-reports channel using the bot command.


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