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Florida 6.7 Modpack Update [Combat Overhaul, Auto-Crafter and More]

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Google Drive Partial: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jZfTZtL0Q85Nvp0wHgAezKjUw5SnvWid/view?usp=sharing
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Arma 3 Sync:
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This is a small modpack update, we have updated our development workflow so we can do more routine smaller modpack updates more regularly and this is mostly a test of that process. Arma3Sync may appear slow to start with whilst it processes the hundreds of tiny small file updates with signatures.

  • We have removed all weapons of high calibre excluding bolt action snipers, and any magazines higher than 30 rounds for 5.56, some 6.8's such as the M16A6 and M4A6 remain, and the Blackjack .300 remains too, our intention is to move back to 3.0 combat style.
    • The weapons that are currently in circulation will be the last remaining ones.
    • We have lowered the cost of crafting SOST by 50 percent, and added SOST to SWAT only weapon shop.
  • As part of the transition back to 3.0 combat style: Added back group hexes.
  • Added an automatic crafting machine upgrade to the warehouse, craft items, leave your warehouse, and come back later to collect the goods, do not leave it over restart.
  • Added a new minor crime, Internet Cafe Robbery
  • Added a new minor crime building, xpress Tech Store
  • Added a new minor crime, Surf Store robbery.
    • All three new minor crimes take slightly longer than a gas station robbery and pay slightly more.
  • Added Snow to the weather cycle for the holiday spirit.
  • Added back an adjusted and modified benelli shotgun.
  • Updated the Play Now button to the current server IP.
  • Added a fourth police car siren option, the priority wail.
  • Added vending machines across the map that redburger and bluking can stock up with fries, and will get money to the company bank account when purchased from.
  • Paycheck center is now a minor crime, with a payout of $20,000.
  • Increased the payout of Gas Station robberies
  • Added a conflict only twitter, out of character is permitted on these tweets, toxicity is not.
  • Added a few more orchards and farms around the map.
  • You can now view donator items in the clothing store.
  • Fixed towing on tiered vehicles
  • Increased the gap between transport truck events and made them less common.
  • Increased the payout for transport truck events from 10k cash to 25k cash, increased weapons given. Drug transport gives 30k.
  • Added a spawn menu to second debug island.
  • DTU & GSU Tiger Plate
  • DTU New Facemasks
  • Added the wall repair kit to rebel market
  • Added new attachments to the CTRG shop
  • Fixed an issue with announcements of entering hideouts and DTU names.
  • Increased the chances of a fish swarm spawning, and how long they last for.
  • T440 Leaning issue fixed
  • Added more lights to F450 Vantage Towing vehicle
  • Fixed Aston Martin Vantage tiering 1-4
  • Fixed Toyota Supra tiering 1-4
  • Fixed the miami villas not having lockable doors
  • New lights for raptor
  • Fixed tiers for Vantage
  • Fixed tiers for DOC Explorer 2019
  • Fixed tiers for DOC Explorer 2020
  • A large variety of other bug fixes and economy changes.
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  • George changed the title to Florida 6.7 Modpack Update [Combat Overhaul, Auto-Crafter and More]

Cheers Mate !

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  • George pinned and featured this topic

Much love devs ❤️

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