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Florida Life 6.8 Modpack Update [Christmas, Crime Building Adjustments, Sugar Cane Farming and More]

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  • Building Adjustments:
    • Fort Knox has received several slight tactical adjustments, you can read more about them here
    • The Embassy second door has been opened up to allow a third point of entry onto the top floor to further balance the third floor hold.
    • The glass has been lowered at the National Museum on the balcony.
    • A back door and back storage room have been added to the surf store, the building should be alot more playable and tactically intriguing now.
  • Re-enabled Embassy Robbery
  • Added Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations across Miami
  • Added christmas twitter emojis, :santa:, :xmastree:, :present:
  • Added HUD Customisation Menu
    • You can now customise your HUD by changing the colour and opacity of the background, aswell as adding/removing the stats numbers display.
  • You can now F1 respawn at a rebel raid
  • Added new spark vfx when striking metal with bullets
  • Increase how long a school of fish remains active for
  • So long as DOC is not in lockdown, Lawyers can now spawn at the correctional facility. Read the comment here.
  • Added a new crop: Sugar Cane
  • Adjusted the moonshine run and moved to a more carribean gulf coast moonshine, you now process sugar cane, a new crop, into Moonshine rum, sugar cane requires level 25 farming to plant. Sugar cane can be legally farmed with the sugar cane production license, but you cannot use the processor if you have this license. The selling price of a crate of moonshine has been increased by 33 percent.
  • For those that do not have numpads, Added a radial menu for police/ems to set their frequencies with. You can access it with Ctrl + F1.
  • Striking a resource at a mining area that requires you to hit rocks will now generate spark effects for awesome immersion. You now need to hit rocks to mine Steel.
  • Sending/Impounding/Seizing a vehicle as cop will now display the correct verbage on the progress bar.
  • Moved the Miami Police Department to a Police compound in South Miami.
  • Fixed Maximum Speed for FHP Dodge Charger SRT Interceptor T1
  • Fixed Vehicle Horns for FFR Dodge Ram 5500
  • Fixed Tiers for Koenigsegg Agera '11
  • Increased the money cops receive for sending people to prison
  • Updated lightbar effect on the Raptor, CTSV and Durango.
  • Fixed incorrect passenger count on the AS365 helicoper.
  • Added more new weapon skins that will be added as weapon wraps.
  • Added new expected gang uniforms and other civilian content.
  • A variety of other fixes and changes.





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