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Texas Life 7.0 Major Update [Border System, Massive Map Changes, 3 New Majors]

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7.0 Is Here! Thank you everyone for hanging in there we hope you all enjoy the update. Big ups to the dev team for getting this banger of a update out.
Google Drive: Link
Google Drive (full): Will be posted soon

Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842204859
Arma 3 Sync: 

  • New Texas Map
    • 1:1 of real life Texas with a expansion into northern Mexico
    • The entire map and runs are focused around that interaction at the border
    • Mexican inspired towns
  • New Bank of Americano
    • New Book Depository major in Dallas
    • Yes that Book Depository
  • New Cargo Ship Major
    • A new take on a classic anzus major
  • Border System 
    • Allows for random searches of cars and greater check point RP
    • A taki feel without getting car bombed every 15 min
  • Inventory system rework 
    • A ton of behind the scenes stuff that is more optimized)
  • Added 16 new cars
    • Including a new drift car and the return of the mini cooper
    • Baumaschinen
    • Beetle
    • Bolide
    • Clubman
    • Coach Bus
    • F40
    • Raijin
    • Motorhome
    • Party Bus
    • 93' RWB
    • Evo RWB
    • Sumo
    • 18' Urus
    • Zagato
  • Added the ability to be a Mexican citizen
    • Being a Mexican is like anzus hard mode, does come with some benefits
    • Will be way to get a green card in future updates
  • Wire Tapping System
    • Ability for CID to wire tap peoples phones
    • Listening device added 
  • Vineyards
    • Pick Grapes for extra cash, also a good reason for a Mexican to go north
  • Reskinned gas station
    • Safeway has made it to texas
  • Reskinned SO building into Ranger HQ
    • New coat of paint and painting on the wall
  • New PD departments
    • Customs
      • SRT
    • Border patrol
      •  Bortac
    • Rangers
      • Ranger Recon
  • FFR Rebrand to AMR
    • New Orange colors 
  • Job system overhaul
    • New Ferry Job
    • Can be used to transport cars up and down the coast and also to Mexico
    • if you do the job enough u will unlock a truck sized one that will allow u to transport trucks
    • You now use the app to sign up for a job and the app to pull out the job car when you are at the marker
  • Building fires
    • Building all around Texas can now catch fire and will need to be put out by AMR
  • 20 new House starting colors
    • Now houses don't all look the same and depending on the area some maybe exclusive 
  • Boosting Rework
    • Added more levels to it
    • Made it easier to get started
    • Made it more worth to master
  • Gun reskin
    • Spear has new tan finish


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