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Texas Life 7.1 Update [Conflict Changes, Illegal Port Contracts, New Major]

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7.1 Is Here!
Big love to the dev team for their hard work.

Google Drive: Link
Google Drive (full): Will be posted soon

Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842204859
Arma 3 Sync: 

  • Port Changes
    • Added: Illegal port contracts. Available by speaking to a port employee. Small, Medium, Large options available.
    • Added: 2 port cars
    • Fixed: Contract missing item name.
    • Fixed: Contract missing port logo
  • Conflict Changes
    • Added: New Flag Icons for the Conflict Flags
    • Added: Conflict App for Future stuff and Hex Colours
    • Updated: Conflict Smokes
    • Updated: Conflict Vehicle spawn
    • Updated: Conflict Hexes
    • Removed: Conflict Hop out Fullauto
    • Added: Conflict Stats page (link)
  • Map Changes
    • The government finally can afford to concrete some new areas around Texas
    • Extended CG runway & added concrete underneath
    • Added a Circuit Road to PD training
    • Removed Highway Bridge at the boarder
    • Added more Terrain area for the Conflict zone
    • Added 6 new Conflict areas
    • De wonkiefied CTRG base
    • New Steel Processor rebuild (More parking)
    • Added Los Ramones (Industrial, Gas Station area)
    • Aluminum Mine
    • Kileen Runway Built
    • Triads Warehouse
    • WACO Clothing Pavement fixed
    • Cyprus Gas Station Built up
    • NFS Gang Base
    • Victoria fire station no longer levitates
    • Removed Pancake Rocks at Coal Mine
    • Removed Pancake Rocks at Gomez Palacio
    • Brownwood PD Changed to Rangers HQ & fixed the gate
    • Fixed some Houses that Had Terrain in them / Wonky
    • DOC Walls no longer levitates
    • Removed Duplicate Processing building at DOC
    • De wonkiefied some DOC walls
    • Fixed General Map Bugs in Corpus Christi
    • Fixed General Map Bugs in Lubbock
    • Fixed General Map Bugs in Cyclone
    • Fixed General Map Bugs in La Grange
    • Fixed General Map Bugs at Illegal Border checkpoint
    • Added Supports for Fort Knox to stop you falling through
    • Added new Capture zone (East of Brownwood)
    • Added roads to mask image
    • Added Grape Processor
    • Moved bollards out of road heading to NASA
    • Removed duplicate road barriers
  • New Run
    • Added: Wine run. You collect grapes and either sell them as is or take them to twin lakes winery to turn them into wine. Can sell at trader or exporter. Will be legal for now and pays little more then ruby
    • Added: You can drink the wine
  • General Bug Fixes 
    • Fixed: Medic daily challenge not loading
    • Fixed: All Virtual Items carfting that are stackable should stack by default and would not go in to different slots
    • Fixed: Script error relating to cartel when opening phone menu
    • Fixed: Doors up to penthouses in casino.
    • Fixed: Biker UFC warehouse doors
    • Fixed: made warehouse roll up doors lockable
    • Fixed: Old patches on some Biker outfits
    • Added: Tiering for all USCG vehicles
    • Fixed: USCG Dodge Charger Armour to reflect Police versions
    • Fixed: USCG Taurus Speed & Acceleration to reflect Police versions
    • Fixed: Jaguar XE SV Project 8 maxing out before actual top speed
    • Updated: Tiers for Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing Custom
    • Added: Tiers for Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing '22
    • Fixed: Calling bus from bus stop now works.
    • Fixed: Weapons cache no longer spawns over doc
    • Fixed: Buying vehicle not moving player into purchased vehicle.
    • Fixed - Vehicles not getting cleaned up by the cleanup scripts and being gone for a whole restart should be solved
  • Factions 
    • Added: logging system to keep track of your restaurant goods
    • Fixed: Some biker unis fixed
  • Medical
    • Added: Auto unclaim system. Will unclaim person under 20% 
    • Added: AMR Ford Torus
  • General Changes
    • New: Interactions Priority - Will make sure that certain important actions will always show up first before other actions on the windows Key System
    • Added: New Escape Menu
    • Added: Gang Name to the Major Crime Dispatch
    • Added: Double check for starting rebel raid to stop Oliver fat fingers from hitting it
    • Added: Two Beeps if your vehicle is getting searched at the checkpoint. To counter cops over searching
    • New: Repair speed perk will work if you don’t have a toolkit
    • New: Rope system that people can put ropes over the walls, will notify police able to put the rope on the wall and removed off the wall.
  • Gang Stuff
    • Added: Baja Blast’s Texture for Mercedes Actros
    • Added: New 2NR Shorts Uniform
    • Added: NFS' Texture for BMW X6 Offroad
    • Added: Apex’s Texture for Tahoe
    • Added: Logan’s Bandana
    • Updated: NFS Viper Texture
    • Fixed: Scourge Plague Mask
    • Added: EZM Cap, Uniform and Vest
    • New Plus Uniform and Vehicle
    • New 2NR Uniforms, Vest, Backpack and Vehicle
    • Fixed Frogman and SWAT Sniper Veil
    • Fixed Scourge Hoodie Uniform
    • Added: New Kentucky Cripz Uniform and Vest
    • Added: New Camorra Family Uniform and Vest
    • Added: NeoNoir HK416 Gun
  • Police
    • Added: More quests and patrol missions
    • Added: Spec ops major uni
    • Added: Silverado, Durango, Camry
    • Added: Guns to SWAT and CID
  • Billboards
    • Added: Custom billboards are back and u can buy them from Jack Night
      Wine Pro
      New Conflict zone
      Aluminum Mine
      Kileen Airport

      Auction House

      New Conflict zone
      3.0 cartel cap point

Regicide uniform
CTRG Uniform

Need for Speed base

New PD Cars

New gang uniforms

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Just now, Doug Jumper said:

Great work to the development team for their hard work!



Edited by Jack Bigalow

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kicked from every spec ops😎

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W devs, W update.


                                                                                                    𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝕴𝕯: 𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖈𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖎#1711                                                                                            



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I think police and ems vehicles are backwards on this message. AMR is getting Silverado, Durango, Taurus, and Camry. Police get Taurus

Thanks Devs < 3

Edited by Rider Huxley



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Great update, loving all the content. Thank you devs for your hard work we really appreciate it❤️❤️ 


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