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Texas Life 7.2 Update [MEGA FACTORY, Gun Wraps, Axes, Civilian Helis]

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Long awaited 7.2 is here!
Big love to the dev team for their hard work.

Google Drive: Link
Google Drive (full): Will be posted soon

Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842204859
Arma 3 Sync: 

  • Mega Factory
    • Added: Mega factory 
      • Does everything the normal warehouse AND gang hideout does but BETTER!
      • Main storage up to 21k
      • Secondary storage up to 12k
      • Walk in freezer up to 16k
      • Window covers
      • 4x bee hives with more capacity and faster speed
      • Crafting bench
      • Advanced crafting bench
      • Auto crafter
      • Faster Crafting times
      • ID forge
      • Major planning
      • Built in forge
      • Meeting runs
      • Break room
      • Meth Lab with better purity and better speed
      • Weed grow op with better yield, speed and quality
      • Legal Processor
        • EVERY legal run
      • Illegal Processor
        • EVERY Illegal run  
  • Civilian Helis
    • Added: Littlebird
    • Added: Civilian Hummingbird
    • Added: Many other helicopters
  • Crafting Changes
    • Changed: Made some 5.56 guns cheaper
    • Added: Few guns to crafting
  • Weapon Wraps
    • Added: 100+ gun skins
    • Added: Gun Creates and keys 
      • You will be able to buy with in game cash
      • Donators have exclusive cases and will get it for free each week(can buy them for 100k if you dont feel like waiting.)
      • Cops will need faction donator to use them on cop
      • You can buy cases and apply the skins at rebel or at county claim center.
  • Axes
    • Added: Leveled Axes up to level 5
      • Just like the pickaxes
      • Will work at all tree farms
    • Added Axing Perk
      • Axe Gather 1
        • Required Level: 12
        • Required Perk Points: 5
        • 10% Gather Chance
      • Axe Gather 2
        • Required Level: 6
        • Required Perk Points: 8
        • 20% Gather Chance
      • Axe Gather 3
        • Required Level: 7
        • Required Perk Points: 26
        • 30% Gather Chance
      • Axe Gather 4
        • Required Level: 9
        • Required Perk Points: 34
        • 40% Gather Chance
  • Map Changes
    • Added 10 Factory's around Texas
    • Finished the Truck Weighbridges around Texas
    • Found Budget to Tarmac all Weighbridges
    • Re-done most Gas Stations (map wise)
    • Added Island war Island
    • Added 3 new towns
    • Added mod shop furniture pack
    • New Area for Egg plant
    • Added Lights to the mines
    • Added Dallas Crash barriers
    • Added Disney has landed
    • Changed all Gas stations over to Kwik e mart
    • Flattened out terrain by Conflict
    • Fixed a number of bumps in the highways
    • Fixed wonky trees across the map
    • Removed wooden barriers out of the road in Mexico
    • Fixed some missing Tarmac at Corpus Christi Gas Stop
    • Airport fixed from being placed wrong
    • Added nasa_3 back to Nasa
    • Water around Corpus Christi has been deepened and widened so you can get boats in and out
    • Water around Houston has been deepened and widened so you can get boats in and out
    • Objects moved out of the road around Mexico and NW Texas
    • Added Tarmac under some roads around Mexico that were missing it
    • Moved Mint, Silver Rush and Paradise Casino
    • Renovated Houston Financial District
    • Added Mexican Wine Processor
    • Added Church Cap zone West of San Antonio
  • New Run
    • Added: Mexican Wine Run
      • This is like tobacco, the first part is legal and once it becomes Mexican wine it is illegal, pays more then uranium
    • Added: You can drink the wine
  • Lotto Rework
    • Changed: Made win rates better
    • Changed: Daily drawing
  • General Bug Fixes 
    • Fixed: Medic daily challenge being more reachable
    • Fixed: Jail profits ui bug fix
    • Fixed: Exploiting by doing animations in water
    • Fixed: Removed broken animations
    • Fixed: Odd hitbox at eggplant
  • Buffs/ Adjustments
    • Changed: Car Boosting buffed by 20%
    • Changed: Faction drops have been buffed/changed
    • Changed: Burglary buffed by 300%
    • Changed: Better guns to transport truck and raised payout by 10k also lowered min pop to 30 for it to show up
    • Changed: Money van payout buffed to 70k
    • Changed: Warehouse/Hideout Drug Drop Payout by roughly 250%
    • Changed: Buffed Weedmaps
    • Changed: Nerfed some legal runs
    • Changed: Weight reduced by 1 on all Log/woods
  • Hunting Changes
    • Added: Hunting Knife EXP Buff
      • Lvl 2 : up to +4
      • Lvl 3 : up to +6
      • Lvl 4 : up to +8
      • Lvl 5 : up to +10
    • Added: Bears have returned
      • All recipes that did take it will now require it again
  • Company Phone
    • Added: Pay phones
      • You can call the pay phones from the contacts app on your phone
      • Phones are located across Texas at various businesses and buildings
  • General Changes
    • Added: More planes to airshop
    • Changed: Lowered PCO announcement form 5 min to 30 sec
    • Changed: Warehouse/Hideout Drug Drop Payout
    • Added: Seeds now stack
    • Added: Can now quick harvest plants
    • Changes: You now only get farming Xp for picking up not planting
    • Added: Return of War Point shop
    • Majors that require negotiations now automatically
    • Added: Faster Bandaging Perk
        - Faster Bandaging 1
          - Required Level: 35
          - Required Perk Points: 5
          - 20% Quicker
        - Faster Bandaging 2
          - Required Level: 50
          - Required Perk Points: 10
          - 30% Quicker
        - Faster Bandaging 3
          - Required Level: 70
          - Required Perk Points: 10
          - 40% Quicker
    • Added: Variable earplugs
    • Added: The return of Island Defense
      • Will happen in place of gang wars once a month
    • Added: Sell all button added to fish trader
    • Changed: Conflict sets time to day no more praying for day
    • Changed: Several backend changes to reduce network traffic. Server fps/metric tracking to help identify causes of server lag. Updated cba to latest version
    • Added: Second storage to upgraded apartment
      • Upgrade your apartment by windows keying on the door.
    • Added: Side door to auction house
      • Also changed inside a bit (very subject to change open to suggestions)
  • Gang Stuff
    • Added: Custom Hexes outside of conflict
      • Just like conflict but now everywhere
    • Fixed: CTRG Guns
    • Fixed: CTRG Gorka Uni
    • Added: NeoNoir HK416 Gun
    • Added: Castro Gorka
  • Police
    • Added: More vests and hats to all deps
    • Added: Spec ops diver uni
    • Added: Charger and Range
    • Added: Guns to SWAT and CID
    • Added: Guns added to Gen ops
    • Added: Ranger Hoodie
    • Added: IA Hat
    • Added: HSU car
  • Medic
    • Added: FRU Bike
    • Added: Medic Boat













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  • Doug Jumper changed the title to Texas Life 7.2 Update [MEGA FACTORY, Gun Wraps, Axes, Civilian Helis]



                                                                                                    𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝕴𝕯: 𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖈𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖎#1711                                                                                            



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Anime girl gun skin makes this my favorite update.

  • trigger 1

High Command - Reapers
Colonel - Alaska State Troopers
Sheriff - Los Diablos Sheriff's Office

Chief - Montana State Police
Lt. Colonel  - Texas State Police

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