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Inactive House Wipe!

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After going through all house owners, anyone that has NOT played in a month (30 Days) has had their house removed.
If you have had your house removed, you will have your crates & contents removed as well. 
There will now be more houses available for purchase, make sure to purchase one soon. 

The Following people have had their houses & crates removed from Kings County - 

Slick Sloth
Charles Manson
Leonard Rockstein
Joe Gonzalas
Kieran Davis
Barry Slater
Lupha Bennet
Woody Woodpecker
Bryce Winchester
Raxor Security
Cyrus Green
Tobey Exile
Patrick Smith
Ehco Neustra
Tundra Bear
Hunter Smithson
Bingo Bravo
Jake Winchester
Wolfram Sinclair
Jason Winchester
Trym Gym
Casper Kraakman
Chase Bravo
Tori Bravo
Johnny Bravo
Trippy Eve
Hector Nieto
Matt Dinero
Shamus Little
Zack Fisher
Michael Bravo
Gabriel Ice
James Bobbert
Matt Todd
Shawn Crunch
Dave Miller
Big Reaper
John Mapple
Vince Dupont
Jaiden Lach
Charlie Dawn
Brad Collins
Gary Wong
Timothy Schneider
Jeff Neustra
John Lennon
George Diamond
Big Neustra
Christian Reyes
Jamal Felton
Daquan Juan
Litch Lemurs
Ercan Bresks
Ryan Corleone
Jimmy Neustra
Tyrone Jefferson
Luca Corleone
Bobby Jim
Manny Palmers
Bob Lee Swagger
George Senson
Michael Robert
Alberto Gambini
Stef Redman
Josh Reed
Tony Schneider
Lee Freeman
Nathan Boyer
Jacob Axel
Tyler Morelos
Omyarion Jarvis
Galvin Alaf
Khalidan Steyr
Boe Jangles
Vagos de loco
Brock Langton
Eist Langton
Ethan Green
Harry Wang
George Dep
Dylan Greengo
Devil Dog
John Nos
Aaron King
Max Capone
Connor King
Madi Sombrego
Kevin Abreu
Cletus Jackson
Apollo Rollo
Jason Edwards
Reese Schneider
David Baked
Max Petersen
Ned Stark
Matty Brooks
Dano Collins
Darryl Diamond
Eugene Moneystein
Aidan Chance
Eddy Scardino
Jacob Mardiono
Eric Thompson
Levi Donovan
Bradley Smith
Brad Nash
Frank Robinson
Owen Wong

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