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Looking for 4 official gangs

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Hello everyone, hope you're all well and enjoying 3.7!¬†ūüėĄ
I am looking for 4 more official gangs, 
If you are interested in becoming official and meet all the requirements feel free to apply.


  • 8 or more gang members
  • Available gang roster that is updated weekly as well as¬†actively recruiting new members
  • All gang members¬†must be active players on the server
  • Attend gang wars with 5 members every Saturday at 11PM restart
  • Must not be trolls
  • Must not be known for cop baiting or robbing new players
  • Must have an active recruiting thread¬†Here

What you get

  • Free gang uniform
  • Free gang vest
  • Invitation to official gangs discord
  • Teamspeak channel
  • Teamspeak tag
  • Ability to attend gang wars

Note: You must make your own gang uniform, if you can't we do have texture developers who can do it for a fee.

Gang uniforms can not look like SWAT or other official gang uniforms, please update your uniform if you wish it to be added granted you are accepted.

Official gangs are required to represent the server in a good way, they must not have a frag mindset and instead of robbing new players they must want to help them and get them started on the server. We don't want people who just go around shooting all day everyday, role playing is encouraged and a good standing and reputation on the server is required.

How to apply


Application Template:
Gang Name:
Gang Leader:
Gang Leader Discord:

Do you have a uniform available:

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Jake Dingleberry (76561198118830560) [example]

Fill out this template in a reply to this thread

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Application Template:
Gang Name: Bratva Brotherhood
Gang Leader: Dmitri Kazynski
Gang Leader Discord: Dmitri Kazynski / KickboxvdgBE#9431

Do you have a uniform available: Yes

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

Member 1: Dmitri Kazynski           76561197996020837                                

Member 2: Boris Sikorski               76561198017381545     


Member 3: Barislov Petrenski        76561198162827183

Member 4: Vasili Nikolajev            76561198019416188

Member 5: Xeivi Harrison              76561198130027324

Member 6: Cameron Sauter           76561198271925067


Member 7: Quincy Jordan              76561198056289802

Member 8: Kevin Atwater               76561198082998302                        

Member 9: Oscar Farris                   76561198333239670

Member 10: Jack  Striker                76561198020518472

Member 11: Kevin Franc                 76561198060142011

Member 12: Victor Ware                76561199067458878

Member 13: Charles Smolten         76561198001886883

Member 14: Trey Black                   76561198203376489

Member 15: Johnny Robbing         76561198207098369

Member 16: Diego Montoya          76561198109084366

Member 17: Erik Ditzel                   76561198190980077

Member 18: Abdul Alkamhz           76561197961250896

Member 19: Jordan Snow              76561198937614295

Member 20: Logan Miller               76561198161994509

Member 21: Steezy Jackson           76561198975744967

Member 22: Bryan Harvey            76561198209165317

Edited by Dmitri Kazynski
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Dmitri Kazynski - Pakhan

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Application Template:
Gang Name: Purple People Eaters
Gang Leader: Charles Maverick
Gang Leader Discord: Kettle#4020

Gang Application Forum: 


Do you have a uniform available:

Yes we have a uniform

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Charles Maverick 76561198066513561

Member 2: Colt Dukes 76561198838096279

Member 3: Raiden Cash 76561197990307236

Member 4: Ayden Sinclair 76561198030733746

Member 5: JaDarius Smith 76561198421296894

Member 6: Tyrone Jackson 76561198348742266

Member 7: Ari Ghandi 76561198339555621

Member 8: Dave Harding 76561198139587082

Member 9: Joseph Putin 76561198172957517

Member 10: Ethan King *steamid not sent yet*

Member 11: Cole Ormond *steamid not sent yet*

Edited by Charles Maverick
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  • Administrator [Arma 3]

Gang Name: The Chinweuba Family
Gang Leader:

Jekandy Chinweuba

Quintrell Chinweuba

Gang Leader Discord:



Do you have a uniform available: Not yet but will make one if accepted. 

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

#1 Quintrell Chinweuba // 76561198062192032

#2 Jekandy Chinweuba // 76561198832369107

#3 Zeke Chinweuba // 76561198157646839

#4 Jean Parmasean // 76561198083608036

#5 Mzwaga Chinweuba // 76561198079529076

#6 Jackson Quinn // 76561198212691240

#7 James Chinweuba // 76561198144395402

#8 Little Dog // 76561198200587763

#9 Fin Chinweuba // 76561198253697147 

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Jack Knight

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The Original

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Application Template:
Gang Name: Shoreline Mafia
Gang Leader: Fynn Shoreline
Gang Leader Discord: Fynn#7478

Do you have a uniform available: Yes

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Fynn Shoreline // 76561197960580252

Member 2: bazzy shioreline // 76561197960580252

Member 3: Benny Shoreline // 76561198134894722

Member 4:  Matthew Shoreline // 76561198810955732

Member 5:  ben shoreline // 76561198810955732

Member 6: Chris Shoreline // 76561198146079872

Member :7  AaronnN Shoreline // 76561198132516045

Member 8: Woo Shoreline // 76561198101157939



Edited by Fynn Shoreline
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