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Kings County 3.9 [BIGGEST UPDATE SINCE 3.0]

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Big thanks to our development team who assisted along side myself - George Matthews, John Doe, Dillon Boyd, Marc, Oliver Ericsson, Will Boyd, Phoenix Gunner, Jack Knight, Aiden Sparker and Wes Clark.
Also big thanks to the people who helped with the new help guide - Ash Ketchum, Ching Red, Jack Jefferson, Mula Moes, Steve McGarrett!
As with any update of this size, there are likely to be un-noticed bugs. Please report any bugs in the #bug-report channel in discord.

Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full): https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ms0z136uTkoFtJNW2q1SB9DJQ0yEur_/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync: NA: EU:

  • Brand new prison + Brand new prison system made by the beautiful John Doe
    • 6 brand new prison buildings
      • Internal Prison Block
      • Administration/Evidence locker
      • Processing Building A
      • Processing Building B
      • Canteen
      • Police Garage
    • New Prison Location on the Western Highway at the interchange
      • Complete new prison layout
      • Two new prison bridges, one broken
      • Prison is on a raised island with a DOCK at the bottom with a staircase to get down for USCG deck members and boaties
    • Prison job system
      • Ability to become a janitor and clean up spills around the prison. Receive money and EXP for every spill you clean up.
        • Windows key on jobs sign to start, you will be given a broom, a cleaning cart and a cleaning sign
        • Windows key to pick up the sign and cleaning cart (You can do both at the same time)
        • Look around the Canteen/Yard for water spills on the ground and Windows Key to clean them up
        • Once all spills are cleaned up more will spawn
      • Ability to become a cook and move food from the kitchen to the canteen. Receive money and EXP for every barrel of beans you unload.
        • Windows key on jobs sign to start, you will start the cook job
        • Go to the walk in fridge inside the Kitchen and Windows Key to pick up the barrel of beans
        • Take the beans to the canteen line and fill the food box with beans
        • Once fill take the barrel to the trash area to spawn a new barrel
      • 10% chance of finding a rare item while doing your jobs this ranges from shanks to keycards
      • Spend money you make at the prison shop (one located in the yard, three located in the cells)
      • The closest police officer to the prisoner doing jobs gets small rewards for watching them
    • New escape systems
      • Spooning out
        • Obtain a spoon from buying it from the prison shop, finding it during prison job or looting bins
        • Look for random dirt patches or unique places around the prison then use Windows Key to dig out
        • There is a hidden % chance to dig out, there are multiple dig out points which range from outside the wall to on the lowerbeach around the Prison Island.
      • Climbing over the walls
        • Windows key on your bed to rip pieces of cloth off your bed sheets
        • Collect 3 pieces of cloth and use them together to create a rope made of sheets
        • If you can get to the outer walls of the prison use your Windows Key on the wall to throw the rope over
        • Climb the rope to Freedom!
      • Blowing up the walls
        • Obtain a blasting charge and breach the wall
        • Windows key on the Prison wall to place the charge, the wall will blow up
        • Cops will be able to buy a wall repair kit from the police shop to repair the walls
    • New Shanking system
      • Obtain a shank from the prison shop, prison jobs or searching the bins.
      • When you have a shank in your inventory windows key on a prison guard.
      • The prison guard and yourself will be forced into a fighting animation where the attacker is trying to stab the prison guard.
      • Whoever clicks the most times within X amount of time will win the fight (Note auto-clicking is perm-bannable.)
      •  If the attacker wins the officer can be completely striped including clothing.
  • Business Ownership Changes
    • New and experimental menu, experimental test for the preface of a gang menu overhaul.
    • Can add employees to your stores, can give them role specific permissions for their duties over your store.
    • New Business Price Tax Option
      • Business Owners can issue an up to 25 percent tax on all items in their stores
      • Business Owners usually get %20 of all profits, however they will get %50 of the up to 25 percent tax.
      • This does not effect the sell price
      • Consumers are urged to prioritise cheaper stores over more expensive stores when they plan their journey
  • New Major System
    • Major system will become backbone of new majors.
    • Faction specific majors have been split under two different cooldowns. (CG/Normal)
    • New majors can be disabled by staff.
    • Kings county Mint updated
      • Fixed front door having two close actions
      • Door in backroom can now be closed
      • Fixed exploit causing multiple robberies
      • Fixed vault door remaining locked after hacked
      • Robbing updated to new process
        • Mint doors will start locked requiring a pair of bolt cutters to open
        • Police can breach the doors with door explosives
        • Once computer has been hacked loot will spawn in vault
        • Spawned loot is split into money piles requiring looting
  • New Major - Cargo ship
    • Cargo ship added located near Greenville
    • Major requires 8 CG to be online
  • New cars
    • Toyota Tundra (KSCO and USCG)
    • New DOJ cars
      • CTSV, 300, SVR, TAHOE, TESLA
    • KSCO K9 Vehicles
    • Pajero removed from server
    • Park Ranger Bronco
  • Map changes
    • Fixed westdraw bridge to look a bit nicer
    • Moved cocaine shipment back off the highway
    • Moved weed processing back off the road
    • Moved DOJ closer to new DOC
    • Added several keypoints
    • Several map bug fixes
  • All legal runs buffed from 200 to 250
  • Added an extras option to Kings Customs allowing for additionals to be added to the vehicle
    • For now its limited to the Audi R8 and R6 until we find more vehicles with custom animations
  • Tier 3 Taxi Camry job vehicle added
    • Unmarked variant added also in Kings Customs
  • Grave Robbing now requires a shovel and does a digging animation
  • You now get a notification when a cop checks your license
  • Delivery Drivers Job can now sell KFC & Red Gull to people, a useful place of this is cops holding out at majors like knox who need food and water.
  • You can now rob ATM's with pnuematic drills
  • Slightly altered the primary colours of GUI's
  • Removed debug messages from bus driving and tow truck driving
  • Cops now get a confirmation message when providing a rights card
  • Modified and optimised the gun shot residue system, lasts 7 minutes longer.
  • Fixed a bug related to identifying the murderer of a dead body
  • CGIS can interrogate for Coast Guard related locations so long as all radar/comms stations are fully operational.
  • Added a system chat message for abortion to lobby to hinder combat logging attempts via going to the lobby.
  • Moved Kings County Main Hospital to Langdale
  • New Police K9 uniform
  • New shotgun added to rebel and sgt+
  • New EMS Vehicles
    • Chevrolet Tahoe [Rescue Academy]
    • Cadillac Escalade [FD]
  • New gang stuff
    • Peaky Blinders Uniform
    • Dipinto Uniform + Extras
    • Luxe Uniform
    • KCPMC Uniform + Extras
    • Uprising Uniform
    • Ram Ranch Uniform + Extras
    • Adammio Beret
    • Milkmen Uniform
    • Winter Hill Uniform
    • Daybreak Uniform
  • New custom guns added
    • Sho Time guns x2
    • James Roko gun
    • Frank Castle gun
    • Luke Little gun
    • HMT guns x2
    • Winter Hill gun
  • New snipers
    • 1 tap AWM
    • 1 tap LAGO
    • 1 tap FN30-11
  • New personal guns
  • Vice plate carrier added (Pauls birthday present)
  • Help guide completely updated
  • You can no longer use gang funds at the jail shop
  • You can no longer store police key cards (all old key cards are damaged)
  • You can now revive people even if medic claims them if they get below 10%
  • Pirate ship fixed
  • All pirate ship prices taken down by 30% (This means Advanced rebel weapons go from 40-50% if you find the pirate ship and you do not need level 50 to access it)
  • Fixed all DOC lockpick hints
  • A bunch of new daily challenges
  • Removed thermals from CID drones and Blackhawk
  • Added new fasting perk to help you not eat for longer
  • Removed powerlines at scrapyard
  • Added rocks at the back of cartel so its easier to climb up
  • Add bouys around the water
  • Fixed Fortknox front gate
  • Added medic shop and medical assistance NPC to Berwick
  • Added CG airshop/garage to Berwick
  • Civilian barricades weight increased and price increased
  • Fixed Buffalo Burglary store
  • Added more ATMS across the map
  • Fixed the barricade blocking Paradise Fire Station
  • Fixed random barricade behind Paradise Residentail
  • Fixed shell gas station safe from being opened for future updates
  • Fixed storage shed having no roof collision
  • You now get a notification when a cop checks your license. (IF THEY DO NOT ROLEPLAY THIS OUT PLEASE REPORT THEM)


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21 minutes ago, Conor Angerstain said:

hence why i believe prison times should be extended now because u mostly get about 10 mins in jail, not enough time to do all this cool new stuff 

Cops have been told to start giving people the correct sentence instead of babying them because they're scared they will get toxic. So you should expect the appropriate sentence for your crimes!

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