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Events, Purge, 4.0 and a few other things

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Hello people of ANZUS! I hope you enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas sneakpeeks in the discord. We shown maybe 50% of new stuff coming in 4.0 so there is A LOT more to enjoy when it is released. We don't currently have a set date and I will not set the date until we are 100%. releasing on that day. A small group of us are testing every single thing on the server and will do so multiple times to hopefully have very little bugs on release. The release date maybe announced 3 days before it happens so just be ready.


Purge will be starting around 17-18th of December, the purge will last until 4.0 release. During the Purge we will doing multiple different events like last year such as SMT/Devs defending a whole city and everyone else attacking it. We will do stuff involving the governor. There will be no SOPs and stages of full KOS will be announced but it will not be full KOS the whole time.


Every single day we will be aim to host 3 events between now and release of 4.0, one event at AU times, one at NA times and one at EU times. At every restart a senior moderator+ will post an announcement in the #events channel in discord when they plan to start an event and what event they're doing. I know during EU times Trevis and Jack have already started doing these events. Wars events will still happen on Saturday hosted by myself or another member of SMT.


The wipe vote will be going up the day we start Purge, we will save the database. If we do wipe there will be a 3.0 leaderboard saved of the day Purge starts and that 3.0 leaderboard will remain on the stats page forever and people will be able to look back and see who the top people during 3.0 was. This leaderboard will only show the top 10 so if you're close to it and want to hold a permeant leaderboard rank now is your time to grind to get there.


As you can see by the sneakpeaks A LOT of time has been put into 4.0 and with time it usually means a lot money. A lot of money has been spent paying developers to make this update as great is it can so we appreciate any support we can get. There are still a few art gallery paintings available for 4.0 supporters. More information here 

If you want your gang uniform/gun skin on release you must pre-order it or for the free official gang uniforms they must be sent to Oliver by Wednesday of this week if you want them in.

Thank you all for being patient. Keep the server activity up and enjoy 3.0 while you can. People always say "I miss 2.0" so I assume it will be the same with 3.0 to 4.0. Enjoy it :)

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2.0 will always be my fav update I shall ever miss. 3.0 was okay but we had some great fun times there and there but 2.0 is the days.





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Can wait till 4.0! I hope we are going to wipe it will encourage players who left to come back and give it a fresh start again.

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Ah yes! I am ready to release my inner satan and kill everyone for a few weeks on every update! :D

Lets just hope what happened on 2.0 purge doesn't happen again. 🤣

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