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The 4.0 Announcement!

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Hello people! Thank you for your patience, this is the thread you've all been anxiously waiting for.

We will be releasing ANZUSGaming Kings Peaks 4.0 Beta on the 27th of December at 2PM EST.

The mod pack will be released on Christmas Night for people to download it overnight or throughout the day. 

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer it.

Massive shoutout to the whole development team, you guys will never be able to understand the amount of effort that has gone into this update. The amount of little things that have been done in the background to improve the overall look of the map, the functionality of the framework and the atmosphere of the buildings. If you see developers around please give them a big thank you for their hard work again you guys can't comprehend how much work has gone into this.

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4.0 is just gonna be really fucking pog and I can't wait for the Roleplay that's gonna happen. Thank you to all the Dev's and there hard work your the guys that have made this happen we owe you all a special thank you :)❤️ 

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