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Kings Peaks 4.0.2 [New cars, New helicopter, Jail changes and more!]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-XZSBoelv09OMkKNyiCT9MzKhWj9gyi2/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

  • DOC changes
    • Removed all the bins and made the built in bins interactable
    • Fixed lockpicking cell doors
    • Made it so you get clean money from the shops instead of dirty so you can buy stuff
    • Added new front gate layout
    • Added security cameras throughout DOC (controlled by front gate)
  • New Elenaor Shelby added
  • New Ultralight added
  • TB gang equipment added
  • Koolaid gang equipment added
  • Devil gang equipment added
  • NSFW gang equipment added
  • GI gang equipment added
  • Asylum gang equipment added
  • Lionheart gang equipment added
  • Asylum gang equipment added
  • Buffed Drug Boat mission from $60,000 to $125,000
  • Added back Milship interior
  • SERT uniforms fixed (ML)
  • Medic uniforms fixed
  • Fixed GPS tracker spawning drones
  • Added temp geometry to the bridge over the lake
  • Fixed go pro image above hud
  • Life alert markers are now red
  • Priority ports fixed
  • Faction storage fixed
  • ANPR to show name instead of PID
  • Removed the money launder icon from the map, find out in RP
  • Added virtual item comp system through discord
  • Multiple stringtable changes to help with translation
  • You now get EXP rewards from quests that have EXP rewards
  • Meteroite buffed to 1650 but staying same weight next restart
  • Revenue menu implementation for Government (Soon to be added to Whitelisted Factions for paying employees)
  • Fixed it so you get clean money from jail sales
  • Fixed honey animation glitch
  • Fixed furniture deletion (now goes back to the stash)
  • Added other houses to jobs and drug drops
  • Fixed smuggler boat and buffed it back to $125,000
  • Impound fees decreased to 5% from 10% until we re-add sent to garage for LEO
  • New shop items $ https://anzuslife.myshopify.com/
    • Refund perk points (return all your perk points and perks)
    • Buy a road name (Will show on the top of the screen when people drive onto it)


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amazing work !

|Adam Wolf~Loxxon Husky|Ex-Playboys Member|Ex-Asylum Solider|Anzus Staff Member|

|3 Years of Service Within ANZUS Police|KSP CRT Officer, CPL|KCSO-Academy & DOC SGT|KCRS Senior Volunteer

|Homeland Security Agent - Senior Trooper|Border Patrol|Trooper's Academy Member|DAO-Prosecutor|

|Support Staff|Anzus Veteran|Jedi Master Member| Government Secretary


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