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Jacky Mendez Appeal

Jojo Jamal

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Troopers Name: Jacky Mendez

Organisation: LDSO

Your Rank: Sr. Deputy

Your Department:  Patrol

Your Badge Number:  287



Punishment you where given:  Termination and blacklist

Grounds for Appeal (Why should it be overturned): My main reason as to why I believe the results of the case should be overturned is due to the fact that they used an OOC message to fire me.  I would just appreciate the chance for the case to be looked over again as it is clearly outlined in the rules that the message they used to fire me is invalid. You mine as well take it out of the rules if you arent going to follow it. Furthermore, within RP, I had a few witnesses and witness statements which backed up my version of events. One of these witnesses was a member of SWAT. I would like a member of the senate to look over the evidence they used to fire me and possible arrange an interview to I can explain my POV during the events that occurred.  I personally believe that the officers who handled the case did not look at all the evidence. On the day of the suspension they did not inform me as to why it occurred, I had to get a lawyer to actually find out why I was suspended. During the interview with ACU, they told me to defend myself without telling me the details of why I was suspended. I find this ridiculous as how am I supposed to arrange my defense when I do not know the details of the crime I am suspected of committing. My lawyer also had to speak with ACU in order for me to receive the information as to why I was suspended. My last point is, on the day of my suspension, a few commanding officers spoke with the 2 victims of the crime and used their allegations to suspend me. During my interview, I had VIDEO evidence to show that those two victims had weapons and had just robbed a gas station. The video alone should have tossed the case as they would then become unreliable witnesses due to being criminals. Unfortunately, things did not turn out this way as ACU did not look at my evidence. Finally, as I said before, I would appreciate it if members of the senate would go over the case with me as I believe I should not have been fired. 



Any evidence to support this:

2.47 - All direct messages are considered OOC unless you are sending an approved document. Approved documents are things like ACU case notifications, BrookField Late Notices, Judge approved court case documentation etc. If any other documents need to be added to this to allow for easier RP then please DM Doug.



I used to have video evidence to show the 2 victims had guns and that they were robbing people/stores. I sent it to the ACU officer but he never acknowledged it. I deleted it after I was fired.  I can send a private DM to the senate to show everything I sent to ACU and how they ignored my evidence. Image below:




Have you requested reasons for your discipline (if yes, please paste them as a reply to this appeal): No

Do you know the case against you (have you seen the evidence)?: Yes,   


Do you request the Kings Peaks Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee obtain all evidence help by the government in relation to your case?: Yes

Please link your original appeal which must have been denied here: 



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  • Community Lead

@Jojo Jamal
After reviewing your appeal with another member of the Senate, I have decided to deny your appeal. The following reasons below detail in length why your appeal was denied. 

- Your DMs with Command where not the sole reason you where fired & blacklisted, however abusing members of Command especially after a ACU case doesn't help your career within the LDSO. 

- Citizens of Los Diablos are free to make ACU reports regardless of their criminal status, but all factors will be taken into consideration by ACU. 
The video evidence you submitted to ACU doesn't show any relevance to the case at all, all the video that you provided shows that there was people robbing a gas station. 
Stating in your original appeal that was denied by Harry Lennar that you had to drop your GPS because of a "glitch" isn't true. If you actually had to drop your items due to a bug you would've recorded it like you recorded the gas station robbery, and showed it during the ACU case which you did not. 

- The rule that you are stating (2.47) was added approximately 1 month AFTER you where blacklisted and the rule being adding has NOTHING to do with your blacklist and is completely unrelated. The discord DMs between yourself and Command where simply not the only reason you got the punishment you received, but rather your actions didn't assist your ACU case at all. 

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