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Grizzly Peaks 5.1.5 Changelog [NEW Casino + Poker, BIG ECONOMY CHANGES, New Dispatch System, New Major System]

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Google Drive(Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O8eLYvtyACz43qr1_ShvV4uOgwxu92yf/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive(Full): Will be uploaded
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New Casino Building
    • Run by the mafia
    • Poker System will be out either later today or in a few days. The system is VERY complicated. We will make an individual announcement on how it works. Eventually BJ will be on the server but Trick/Gordo will do BJ via their streams tonight.
  • New Dispatch System
    • The dispatch menu is shown when opening the map
    • When a robbery is started a new situation is created on the dispatch
    • Police can assign themselves to the situation
    • Police can set the situation to code 4 removing it from the dispatch list
  • New Major System
    • When starting a major a dialog will show up where you can select numbers, class of weapon, first person combat and hostage.
    • Police gets notified about response numbers, hostage ect
    • Doing a class 1 major will only give 25% of the reward
    • Doing a first person will give the same reward, this will be adjusted over time to balance it out depending on the major
    • Every time a major is done the reward of the major will go down by 10%. Resets every day
    • Fixed MilShip Major
    • Fixed Mint Major
    • Fixed Midlands Major
  • Economy changes
    • Gathering/Mining
      • Updated skillcheck bar for gathering resources to have multiple levels
      • Made skillcheck bar show every 5 times but will give you +5 ore
      • You now get an extra resource 100% of the time per mining/gather
    • Perks completely reworked (Everyone has been given a perk reset)
    • The higher tier the resource you are mining/gathering the higher EXP you will get for processing it instead of 15exp every time.
    • All majors and runs increased by 25-50%
  • Conflict changes
    • Conflict now goes upto 5000 points
    • Only gives one notification when getting points
    • When the zone moves we've set specific spots so it doesn't go into random areas
    • Every death with someone with a class 3 will add $20,000 ontop
  • New Police Helicopter
  • Player feedback system
    • Ability to +1 and -1 players in-game easily
    • This system will only be used for staff to gage the opinion of players
    • Misuse/false +1 and -1 results in a removal from the community due it being the same as lying to staff.
  • Capture zone changes
    • Removed deveils crest and fishing village
    • Added Devils Port and Winter Mansion
    • Moved ghost hotel from top right to bottom left
  • New EMS Revive System
    • New medical menu
    • For EMS to heal someone, they have to diagnose and then heal wounds on the body parts in the menu, depending on the injuries the player has.
    • When someone is revived by EMS they will get a random hidden injury that cannot be found by diagnosing the patient. You have to communicate with the medic so you can be fully healed.
  • Added an evidence stand (in evidence room in main PD)  to allow cops to hand in dirty money, giving 5% of the value as a reward.
  • Transport and Smug boat changes
    • Made smug boat only spawn with 2 or more MAA online
    • Increased speed of smuggler boat
    • Buffed transport truck for civilians
    • Buffed smuggler boat for civilians
    • Transport/Smuggler boat will always give a flat amount to gang bank
    • Created custom prison transport locations (At pds) so its not at transport truck.
  • Map changes
    • Conflict bottom filled out and new spots added
    • Moved cartel to just south of it
    • Cartel island is now a big residential
    • Change MAA PD building
    • Fixed Kingston Castle
    • Fixed Knox terrain issues
    • Fixed several other map bugs
  • New Paycheck Centre Major Crime
    • Use a drill bag to do this
  • Fixed submarine textures
  • New Rolls Royce added (Exotic car shop)
  • Flamethrower added to high level crafting
  • Molotov cocktails added to whitelisted civilians (Can only be used with VERY good RP reason)
  • A bunch of new faces added (Go to medics plastic surgery to get them)
  • Highway patrol interceptor added
  • Slightly buffed highway patrol vehicles
  • Added weed, opium and LSD seeds to burglary store and crazy Chinese man so you don't have to go all the way to rebel
  • Academy Bus added
  • LOTS of female clothing added
  • Patriot handling fixed
  • Adam Walsh eyepatch added
  • Company barrage added
  • KD Guns new van added
  • Several The Company Clothing stuff added
  • Several hat first person issues fixed
  • Priest uniform added to donator shop
  • Added back a bunch of old animations which fixes a lot of broken dances
  • 10mill mansion issues fixed
  • Added memory hack to sketchy shipments
  • GPS app available for civilians
  • Made hunting season turn on/off randomly during restarts (Governor can still turn it on/off manually)
  • Nerfed Subaru max speed
  • Fixed Tahoe 2015 issues
  • Fixed license plate not displaying on some vehicles
  • Fixed flashbang dupe
  • Fixed free gas station fuel
  • Fixed modshop geometry issues

?imw=2048&imh=1152&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett ?imw=2048&imh=1152&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett20220306194817_1.jpg?width=1618&height=9 20220306203136_1.jpg?width=1618&height=9 

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Please post any bug reports in #bug-reports in discord: https://discord.com/channels/421117746743476244/942582462670848050/942587158282256404

If you have any suggestions for future update please post them here: https://www.anzus.life/forum/497-suggestions/

Suggestion appreciation list:

You now get an extra resource 100% of the time per mining/gather @Pug Winter

Conflict changes @Ryan Hancock and @Nathan Stevens

Capture zone changes @Giovanni Money

Added weed, opium and LSD seeds to burglary store and crazy Chinese man so you don't have to go all the way to rebel (I can't find the comment so I can't remember who but hopefully they know their suggestion was listened too)

GPS can be downloaded by civilians @Nex Nuestra

Hwy car buff @George Newell

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What an awesome update, you deffo havnt left anyone out, thank you all the Devs and Doug for the hard work that you have all put in, seriously you dont get thanked enough for what all of you guyes do!

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George Cown

ANZUSGaming - Management- Staff Manager 

Discord - George Cown #3104


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We thought we had fucked up, and the economy was down bad, and so some balances were put in place to try and offset this. While most of the server hated them, it was thought to be the best move to keep the server going better longer. Then it was found that the stats were off, and our economy was actually doing fine. Instead keeping your pride high and not admitting we had made a mistake, you all pulled a 180 and boosted runs! That to me shows that you truly care about the player base, and you only want what's best for all of us.


Keep up all of the good work Devs/SMT/Dougie, we appreciate it as always :)

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Thanks Doug & all the devs, this update has been amazing so far and I'm more excited about the casino stuff coming in so keep up the great work. Also the PD helicopter look absolutely amazing, I have never had a dull moment and these updates always give me a good surprise so keep it going!heartheartheartpartying_facepartying_face


Timothy Red ~ Timothy Green |  

 | High Command | BBC - Big Black Chungus|

| EX Reaper Founder KabukimonFounders |

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TO Doug and Devs, Honestly love the update the new police helicopter is really cool ( too bad I crash helis too much) Looking forward for more updates keep it going and keep putting in the hard work you do hope to see ya ingame.


PS Do not come in my heli if I give you permission the heli may end up falling out the sky

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Good Update, Haven't Played and will never be able to play. I'm here in spirit.


Previous: SPQR Anzus Founder | Coast Guard: Aviation Seaman | KCSO: Cadet | Senior Support | LDSO: DOC Deputy | Support | Cocaine Cowboys: KingPin / High Command |  CC / OG
Current: Ordinary Mother Fucker | LSEMS:  Paramedic in Charge | Weazel News COO |  Saints 3rd Command


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#WeLoveDoug #WeLoveDevs

I just wanna say my thanks to Doug and the dev team for doing what they do best. I’ve enjoyed every single update that has been put out (Even 5.1) The amount of hours that Doug and the Dev team have put into making updates is wild. I’m thankful for everyone who donates and the sponsorships Doug gets for his stream. Mainly because that money is being put back into making the server the best. I wish Doug and the team a lot of non stressful weeks of developing.




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So, first of all; Thank you, to all the current developers, the ones that continuously put massive effort into these updates to make the community a better playground for all of us, the ones who put their idea's into their own form of development and bring those idea's to life, this also applies to the developers from the past, and the future developers of ANZUS. You lads are absolutely amazing and are a huge reason ANZUS is what it is today, thank you lads.

Secondly, a thanks to the Community; the players; the thoughts and the ideas that you all bring; anything from something as simple as a Bug Report or a Developers Suggestion, the development team tries their best to work on all of this; one could agree not every one of these can be achieved, but they really do their best in bringing out the best of it; thanks for being here for as long as you all have; here's to any exciting ideas that are bought to the table. 👍

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Steve Snow
Senior Leadership Team

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Retired Administrator, Current Head Administrator.

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