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Kamdan Life V2 [5.5 Changelog]

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Google Drive(Full): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B4uESIcPqF2EiJ1v1-Np941kwQofDCjN/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync:


  • Kamdan Map
    • Noteable New Additions
      • Conflict area bottom left with multiple different zones including OG arms from Altis
      • Nasa island added
      • All of our new buildings have been put on the map
      • Heavily reduced as much unnecessary stuff as possible to prioritize FPS
      • Added 1000 total houses to the map so we don't have to wipe them as much
  • Player hideout
    • Buyable from rebel for $500,000
    • Join lab raids from the hideout to find items to upgrade the hideout
    • Getting kills during a lab raid will give exp
    • Heavily EFT inspired
    • 100+ new virtual items added to the server
    • Upgrades
      • Rest space (slowly regenerate health)
      • Security (make it harder for cops to raid, and (working) cameras)
      • Lighting
      • Generator (runs off fuel, certain upgrades require the generator to function)
      • Stash (store items)
      • Vents
      • Water collector (refill water bottles)
      • Workbench
      • Library (gain more exp during raids)
      • Lavatory
      • Heating
      • Intelligence center (make special items)
      • Air filtering unit
      • Solar panels (makes generator run for longer)
      • Shooting range (refill mags option)
      • Booze generator (make booze)
      • Computer (access darkweb)
      • Bitcoin racks (mine bitcoin)
  • Aurora Labs V2/Player Raids
    • Aurora Labs is now one big internal building, no exterior.
    • You get to the building via your gang hideout
    • Two raids happen PER restart
    • Forced first person in raid
    • You can find all sorts of new items such as cpu fans, caps, and all other normal hideout EFT type items. These are used to upgrade your playerhideout. You can find stuff like graphics cards, weapons, high end attachments etc
    • Keycard rooms have HUGE loot, Red keycard room contains suicide vests/miniguns etc
  • Darkweb V2
    • Buy high tier weapons with bitcoin
    • Packages are sent to mailboxes on houses
    • A package has a chance to be marked as suspicious and can be seized by police
    • Increasing the packaging level reduces the chance of the package being marked as suspicious
    • Mailboxes on houses can be lock picked to steal deliveries
  • Post office building
    • If a package is marked as suspicious it can be seized by police at the post office, giving info about the package contents and delivery address
    • The post office can be robbed to gain access to the packages marked as suspicious that are not seized by police yet.
  • Airport Major Crime
    • Completely custom new building
    • Place an explosive next to the gold statue to blow it to smaller pieces. Don't blow yourself up in the process though.
  • Paintball system
    •  Ability to make a Small, Medium or Large Arena Match
    •  Able to choose from Team Deathmatch or Free for all game modes
    •  Able to choose either First Person or Third Person View modes
    •  Small Arena requires at least 2 people with max of 4
    •  Medium Arena requires at least 4 people with a max of 8
    •  Large Arena requires at least 8 people with a max of 20
  • Limit Hold'Em Poker system
    • Games can be started by the mafia
    • Only difference to No Limit Hold'Em is there are no side pots, the big blind decides the size of the pot in most cases
  • Added Player Owned Shops
    • Can be purchased by players or companies
    • Members of the company can add both virtual and physical items to the
    • Store for customers to buy
    • Virtual items can be sold in bulk, while physical items such as weapons are treated as unique
    • Item prices and descriptions are decided by the company
  • DOC/Lifer Changes
    • Added a separate button for DOC to accept Lifers
    • Made DOC Operational status show on HUD
    • Removed paychecks for Lifers
    • Made Lifers able to buy houses
    • Made Lifers able to access ATM's (will warn cops)
    • Made Lifers not go back to jail once escaped when joining
    • Made Lifer escape warrant non-deletable
    • Replaced foot lockers with persistent storage found somewhere in DOC
    • Added shackles
    • Made inmates in Alcatraz not show on DOC menu
    • Fixed the disassemble computer animation
    • Fixed prison crafting menu
  • Added character shared bank option (on character create or from national bank. This is irreversible!)
    • Made characters share exp
  • Sequenced Missions System
    • All server events will now happen once every 30 mins (Events are meteorite, air drop, cartel money etc)
    • All locations will be redzones/KOS
    • Every single event will net MINIMUM $300,000 PROFIT PER PERSON and upto $600,000 PER EVENT.
    • The idea with this is high risk, high reward.
    • You get war points for killing in these zones.
    • Meteorite, Jellyfish are now redzones and are now illegal to do.
    • SWAT, SERT And MAJOR+ can respond to these zones with SOP restrictions.
  • Police Lockers
    • Police now have lockers to store stuff, these lockers can be checked by command and will have SOP restrictions.
  • New Cars
    • Honda Accord Sedan '10

    • BMW M4 GTS Performance Edition

    • Mugen Honda Accord Sedan '10

    • BMW M5 Performance Edition (F10)

    • BMW ACS8 Individual(112)'17

    • BMW ACS8 Individual(112)'17 SHELL

    • BMW M4 GTS Individual(F82)'16

    • Ford Fiesta ST-H'16

    • Ford Fiesta ST "Le Mans"16

    • Honda Accord Sedan Sports Pack

    • Honda Accord Sedan Type-S'10

    • Mercedes-AMG A250 4MATIC(W176)

    • Mercedes-AMG A45 4MATIC(W176)

    • BMW M5 (F10)'14

    • BMW M5 Individual(F10)'14

    • Ford Fiesta ST MR230'16

    • Ford Fiesta ST'16

    • Ford Focus RS Liberty Walk'17

    • Ford Focus RS Mountune'17

    • Ford Focus RS Performance Parts

    • Audi E-tron GT "Light Package"18

    • Audi E-tron GT'18



  • Removed dirty money
  • Reskinned MSP to KSP
  • Reskinned MFR to KMD
  • Reskinned DSA cars
  • Added new CTRG Hummingbird Texture
  • Added new CID Detective Vest
  • Added new CID Uniforms
  • Added new SWAT Uniform variants
  • Added Sheriff Faction (Replaces DHS Sheriff Detective Unit & SERT replace DHS+)
  • Added SWAT Bearcat
  • Added HWP Bike & Helmet
  • Added misc. PD cosmetics (Black earpiece, wearable tie NVGs)
  • Added 3 new police sirens (press 3 to cycle)
  • Added new police bike siren
  • Added new ems siren
  • Added new fire truck siren
  • Added attention horn to emergency vehicles (E key by default)
  • Made vehicle tier not show on police radar
  • Added inspect engine interaction for police
  • Added underwater medical mission
  • Added ems shop to DOC
  • Added new fuel launcher skin
  • Made CTRG show on EMS GPS when allied with KSP
  • Added lockable doors to modshop
  • Added lockable doors to weedshop
  • Added barriers for vantage towing
  • Increased distance to rob major
  • Added icon to hotbar for animations
  • Added tooltips for lifer and shared bank options on character create menu
  • Moved national bank vent drop to the cubby room and made it a bit bigger
  • Fixed nasa buidling damage
  • Adjusted weedshop crafting recipes
  • Fixed kill hostage not killing hostage
  • Gang Things (jeffery is a god)
  • MGM Cap/Uni/Vest/Car
  • Wetsuit Bandits wetsuit
  • Los Zetas 2x vest/2x hat/2x goggles/uni
  • Balaclava Demons Uni/ googles/ textures updates
  • Reapers gun fix (now it works)
  • Gangsters clothing
  • Mangano uni/hat
  • Che Guevara mask
  • BADR Cap/Mask/Vest/Uni
  • Bischerman Cap/Uni/Vest/Goggles
  • Samm Red MOD 1 Skin
  • Isaak Red AWM (Cop)
  • HMT Hat/Bandana
  • Resurge Tavor
  • Austin Flint Uni


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