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  • Developer [FiveM]

Google Drive (Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-ZYDbiGO7lDf3iff5uTNA0srqvZuNRt/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (Full): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B4uESIcPqF2EiJ1v1-Np941kwQofDCjN/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:


  • Conflict V3
    • Expanded warpoints shop
    • Added kill streaks to gain more warpoints
    • Increased gained gang exp
    • First death in conflict will give you enough warpoints to buy a gun again
    • Added conflict quests
    • Added warpoints to phone money app
    • Added armored kuruma car to rebel car shop (CAN ONLY BE USED FOR CONFLICT)
  • Loadouts V2
    • Any items in clothing/backpacks will now save
    • Added saving of virtual items
    • Added abilty to buy loadout with gang bank
    • Cleaned up UI
    • You will need to readd your loadouts. Old loadouts will not work!
  • DOC V2
    • Added bollard controls
    • Reworked yard and parking area
    • Added the option to buy jail shop items with gang funds for 10x the price
    • Added garbage bins
  • Lottery V2
    • Made lottery payouts go to the claim center it can be obtained offline
    • Made the lottery base amount payout $50,000
    • Buying multiple tickets is now a feature
  • Federal reserve rework
    • Works as a normal major now
    • First door has to be drilled
    • Vault minigame has been made easier
    • Reduced payout to 4mil
    • Requires drill bag and green USB, both found in rebel/burglary store
  • Map changes
    • MAA Base rework
    • Added killmore raceway
    • Iron mine rework
    • Airshop by pawn shop rework
  • UI Changes
    • Reworked clothing shop
      • You now see a preview where you can move the camera around the character
      • Added option to add clothing to backpack instead of putting it on
    • Reworked weapons shop
      • Added abilty to buy 10 mags at a time
    • Reworked the help menu
    • Reworked fuel menu
    • Reworked perks menu
  • Quality of Life changes
    • Added store all option for virtualstorage
    • Added search option to storage
    • Added search bar to warrants menu
    • Added hotkey to turn radio volume up/down
    • Made it so you can bandage/eat/use phone while processing and capturing
    • Added offical faction clothing and amoury to gang hideouts
    • Added ablity to instant F1 at labs and redzones
    • Added fridges to gang hideouts
    • Added ability for civs to pull restrained players out of unlocked cars
    • Made burglay van not instantly delete when timer runs out and not while driving it
    • Adjusted helicopter gas tanks
    • Added discord channel to announce when a lab raid is about to start
    • Made conflict cleanup ignore air vehicles
    • Added ability to rebind respawn key (yes staff, finally :))
    • All major items added to burglary store
  • Vehicle Rework on grass
    • Offroad Vehicles (10% Reduction)
    • Standard cars (35% Reduction from 60%)
    • Trucks and Super cars (50% Reduction from 65%)
  • KMD
    • Added Jayhawk
    • Added RHIB
    • Added Hazmat truck
    • Added Jeep Cherokee
    • Added Range Rover
    • Added Ford Explorer
    • Added Quad Bike
    • Added Tiger TRU
    • Added Female uniforms
    • Added Aviation uniform
    • Added Aviation helmet
    • Added Diving uniform (+female)
    • Added Diving rebreather
    • Added Cap
  • New Vehicles
    • Added Little bird to civilian shops (do not suggest it to be cheaper it's not happening)
    • Added Civilian RHIB
    • Added Police Mobile Command Center
      • Works as portable cop shop, for staging for major crimes ect.
    • Added Police Camaro (for all departments)
    • Added Police Academy bus
    • Added Ryan Philler 360nizmo
    • Added Vito Machina Packer
    • Added Jesse Tigerwood Torus
    • Added Mafia Hotknive
    • Added Biker Thrust
    • Added KD Guns Sierra
  • Added ATM robberies (requires a code cracker)
  • Made unloading transport truck at DOC create a redzone
  • Added the ability to add spaces to plates, costs 25k per space (a plate still requires 7 characters)
  • Added Police beanie
  • Gang clothing
    • KD Uni/Vest/Hat Fix
    • Che Mask Fix
    • A$AP Uni/Vest/Hat
    • Jeffrey Smokes GTR Livery
    • Weeb Mafia Uni/Vest
    • Baja Blast 2x Vest/2x Uni/2x Hat/mask
    • BADR Texture Updates
    • BADR 2x mask/ hat / 2x wetsuit
    • Aztrum +1 uni
    • Andrew Jones clothing
    • Banana Snow uni/hat/vest
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed conflict payout above 1mil
    • Fixed workbench in small house
    • Fixed being able to get out of vehicles while restrained
    • Fixed spike strips not always working
    • Fixed NASA rocket not taking off
    • Moved Meteorite and jellyfish to rebel quests
    • Changed gang task to require LSD instead of cocaine due to cocaine being part of sequence.
    • Fixed DOC lockers
    • Fixed several small map bugs
    • Made capture range for all zones 175m (Distance from flag to koth tower), it will now stop capturing if you leave the zone.
    • Fixed DOC sending to jail
    • Fixed Tiered ambulance not working with stretchers
    • Adjusted lab loot table (Corrugated hose etc adjusted)
    • Fixed broken animations in menu (PLEASE REPORT THESE IF THEY DONT WORK)
    • Fixed some lab loot
    • Increased food crafting fire chance
    • Removed fort knox blueprint
    • Removed floating stuff
    • Fixed impound send to garage
    • Made pirate ship not get cleaned up by cleanup script
    • Fixed storing cars at police stations
    • Fixed unbuyable weapons in shop
    • Fixed money dropping under buildings
    • Fixed taxi vehicles not showing in garage
    • Removed seatbelt from sanchez
    • Fixed meth lab cooking meth
    • Fixed unloading produce
    • Fixed weapon cache
    • Increased player shop sell price
    • Fixed conflict flag positions
    • Fixed player shop interaction distance
    • Fixed some illegal markers showing by default
    • Fixed gangster grove street spawn point
    • Fixed being able to capture conflict flag from inside vehicles
    • Added atm to mafia mansion
    • Fixed mint doors
    • Fixed quitting jail jobs
    • Removed danger sign from ems barriers app
    • Increased police pirate box seize reward
    • Added debug logs for DSA tickets menu and conflict issues. Please report if you get the bug again.
    • Fixed code of laws link
    • Fixed Bear Drive West on house numbers
    • Fixed conflict reward message spelling
    • Fixed placing hunting tent
    • Fixed call bus stop




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  • Developer [FiveM]

Community suggestions added:

Dev credits:

  • Conflict V3: Jesse & Doug
  • Loadouts V2: Andrew
  • DOC V2: Mort & Doug
  • Lottery V2: Jesse
  • Map changes: Austin, Mort &, Hashi
  • Federal reserve rework: Andrew
  • UI Changes: Martinez
  • Quality of life changes: Andrew, Martinez, Jesse and Doug
  • KMD Texures: Seska, Myran and Oliver
  • Camaro police skins: Oliver & Seska
  • Gang clothing: Jeffery & Lee
  • Trailer: Elliot
  • Bug fixes and bunch of other things that are too many to mention: Jesse, Doug, Casey, Happy, Tommy, Alex, Duck
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Ex Head Administrator

Report a player | Compensations request | Point appeal | Ban appeal |

Any opinions I give are from me as a player. Not as a staff member or developer. Unless stated otherwise.

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Great trailer @Elliot B. We love you. REAL SUSSY LIKE TOO!

Love all you devs, not AS SUSSY, but good work, EMS appreciate it all and the islanders appreciate everything else. xoxo

Edited by Nex Nuestra

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