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6.0 Character Creation Day Information [Modpack Download + More]

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The day is finally here! Today you will be able to create your new 6.0 character, we really want people to think out their character/backstory. We have added 100s of new face/clothing options for you to try.

Character creation will take place from 30th-31st starting at 8PM GMT https://savvytime.com/converter/nzst-to-pst-cst-est-gmt/dec-31-2022/9am

Tags/whitelist will be wiped at 8PM GMT so you will have to go into requesting tags, speak to a staff member and get your tags/whitelist back. Make sure you link via the #linking channel we will automatically re-populate twitch linking.

Please ensure you have filled this template out before joining requesting tags. There will be a lot of people so it will speed the process up for yourself and staff. (GET THE TEMPLATE FROM REQUESTING TAGS CHANNEL)

You will then be able to join the server with the password given out and using JOIN SERVER 2 button

Once you've created your character we ask you sit in the server IN YOUR APARTMENT ONLY for a bit just so we can network test with as many people as possible, if it becomes full then please start to leave. Do not leave your apartment or try glitch out. You will collect a bit of starter EXP the longer you AFK in the server. 

We are doing $1000 gang creation and extra $1000 starting money (10k on old eco) on character creation only, this will allow you to get whitelisted for your clothing on release. Will be put back to $7500 after release.

All faction groups will be whitelisted out of game via the discord whitelist bots.

Please refrain from going into the editor and sending any screenshots around, we have a check for this. We want it to be fresh on release for everyone. Self explanatory what will happen if this is breached.


ARMA 3 Sync:  (Click for how to install)

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QFvSfOfbGgQ1EHd8PGC27BTzRcg-H0ce/view?usp=sharing (Click for how to install)

If you need help installing your mods that is perfectly ok, just ask the staff member who gives your tags to help you or use #support.

If you would like to be involved in the final test, please DM me.

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  • Doug Jumper changed the title to 6.0 Character Creation Day Information [Modpack Download + More]
25 minutes ago, Sheb Dingatti said:

what am i supposed to do from now till the server gets up? mods already downloaded XD

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looking good boys finally get to run my home state

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