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Florida Life 6.0.5 [Hotfix Changelog] [Modpack update required]

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List of fixed bugs:

  • Economy Changes

    • Rubber 20

    • Coal 28

    • Ruby 26

    • Iron 28

    • Earth 30

    • Steel 32

    • Tobacco 34

  • FFR

    • Fixed Female Uniform

    • Fixed Firefighter Uniform

    • Updated Badges on Medic Uniform

    • New textures for Diver

  • Gang Clothing

    • Baja Blast uni/hat/vest/bandana fix

    • Playboy uni fix

    • Jamal Crime Family uni/vest

    • HMT vest/uni/bandana/backcap

    • Vantage Towing Raptor

    • Jens Bruning mask

    • Kingsmen MC missing items

    • Kingsmen MC texture fixes

    • KONG uni/vest/mask

    • Clueless uni/vest/mask

    • Los Zetas 3x uni/1x vest/ 4x mask/8x hat

    • Cuba 3x uni/2x hat

    • Modshop uni texture updates

    • Castro uni/vest/hat/mask

    • Mafia missing hats/uni/vest

  • Modshop

  • SRT seats fixed
  • Longfin eject issue fixed
  • Bridges are now indestructible
  • Car shop geometry (falling through) fixed
  • Bike animations fixed
  • ATM Textures fixed
  • DEA hats fixed
  • Several PD fixes (glass/texturing)
  • Fixed reflectors on several cars
  • Fire geometry collision fixed in restaurants
  • Red Burger/BluKing employees can now lock the door
  • Courthouse logo fixed
  • Several map changes
  • Biker clothing fixed
  • Mod shop unis fixed
  • DOC tower texture fixed
  • Highway helmet fixed
  • Dolphin issues fixed
  • Gang uniforms added
  • Blackjack changes
    • Implemented face cards (King, Jack, Queen) This should alleviate some of the mass low card handouts too.
      • The game will now translate 1 to Ace in the message log, along with the face cards to their appropriate names.

      • When you reach a blackjack on the first two cards, you will automatically win and will no longer have the chance to hit or stand later on.

      • Decreased certain wait times between certain actions that would be slow when there are many players.

      • Changed the sound for when its your turn.

      • Added sound for when you connect to the game or when your bet is rejected.

      • Disabled table 1 and re-enabled table 2  due to positioning.

      • Different deck suites each game

      • Decreased the maximum bet to $7,500, if all of these changes are working well then I will increase to $15,000 tomorrow.

  • Map changes

    • Gameplay change: Modified the terrain around DOC, made it harder to ramp into but more offensive covered fighting positions for any assaults on the facility

    • General addition: Added church/chapels to Okeechobee and Lakeland (Including a nice sniper tower)

    • General addition: Added fences to the Miami Airport

    • General change: Removed the Oval racetrack at the Daytona Speedway, this plot of land will be used for something else in the future

    • General change: Replaced the city of Orlando, moved the Emotion Casino to Orlando, moved the St Pete Casino to Miami. Added pedestrian only roleplay zone in Orlando. The city has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

    • Road flow: Added a rural paved road to bypass Okeechobee when driving South from Orlando or North from Arcadia.

    • Road flow: Extended the South East road entering Arcadia through and out of Arcadia allowing for unhindered passage through Arcadia.

    • Road flow: Smoothened and leveled certain regions of the interstates that caused issues when driving. There are probably still uneven areas remaining

    • Road network upgrade: Added Stack Interchange at I4 w/ I95 allowing legal northbound and transfer to I95 and Southbound transfer to I95

    • Road network upgrade: Separated the Highway from Bradenton Trailer Park to FSP Orlando into 2 distinct roads with a larger median.

    • Road network upgrade: Sign posted the interstates

    • Visual upgrade: Increased the lighting of the satellite image in the Map screen by 30 percent

    • Bug fix: Added trees around the cartel base

    • Bug fix: Fixed a large spike in the terrain just south of Cartel base.

    • Bug fix: Fixed some missing concrete in key west and jacksonville

    • Bug fix: Fixed a variety of bugs around the map

    • Bug fix: Replaced the DOC front gate barriers

    • Bug fix: Removed ground stop stickers, these stickers should have been stop signs but imported incorrectly.

    • Bug fix: Set the keypoint for the West Palm Beach to the correct type, marking it on the map properly.

  • Graffiti Changes

    • Can no longer graffiti doors

    • Graffiti is now able to be cleaned up by both cops and civs

    • If civs clean up your graffiti you will lose rep, however there is a chance a marker will be put on them 

    • If you own the turf it is more likely for the person to be marked, and it also follows them until they exit your turf

    • If you don't own the turf it is less likely and you only get one position

  • Added inventory help menu that explains keybinds and features such as splitting stacks and combining ("crafting") items. The menu will only force appear the first time you open your inventory after the restart. To open again you can click the yellow ? in the top left.

  • Number plate pressing fixed in DOC (Collect scrap from heap, press inside the factory)

  • DOC trader quests now give cash instead of going to bank

  • DOC trader quests money/exp rewards updated

  • Jail job stealing fixed

  • Hooch brewing fixed (For now you can make hooch in trash can)

  • "Smashed" quest for Phoenix fixed

  • Many more quests fixed

  • NOTE: Hunting is not fixed yet, it will be fixed before the weekend. Sorry about this.


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Thank you everyone, cant wait to see the new Orlando!


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AMR Rescue Services Lieutenant | American Medical Response | Ex- Command FFR | Texas Court Clerk | NFS Command


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