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Our 2023 Q1/Q2 roadmap

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to make this thread to let everyone know our plans this year. There is a lot of talk about FiveM and what that means for ARMA 3 so I wanted to make a thread to make it clear what the plan is.

6.3 is planned to come out around 1st of April

6.4 is planned to come out around 6th of May

FiveM is planned to come out late June

  • FiveM will be whitelisted only and is serious 18+ RP
  • People with a history of rule breaks on ANZUS will not be accepted on whitelist
  • The development team of FiveM is currently 80% new developers so the ARMA development team will not be greatly affected once it is released. Some developers will do both, some will do one or the other.
    • Out of our 25 active developers, 4 of them are FiveM only developers, 5 of them are both ARMA and FiveM, the rest are ARMA only just to put it into perspective. 
  • Expressions of interest for Staff, PD and EMS will be put out in May.

Takistan Popup is planned to come out around 1st of July for 2 weeks

6.5 Florida Life is planned to come out around 15th of July

Updates after this will be planned with 1 month apart in mind, exactly the same as how we've done things before 6.5 and FiveM have been released. 

If there is any concern about ARMA 3, you are not to worry. It will still be developed, it will still be focused on. We have already started development of the 7.0 map and money has been paid to developers working on it so its locked in. You can be assured we're committed to making sure ARMA 3 is given the attention it deserves to thrive. 

If there are any questions, queries or comments feel free to ask them I will try to reply to as many as I can. 

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2 minutes ago, Doug Jumper said:

Applications will be put out around middle of April, a requirement is to of played FiveM before. 

Awesome, I have a couple thousand hours on fivem or so lol

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AMR Academy Lieutenant | American Medical Response | Ex- Command FFR | Texas Court Clerk


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