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Florida 6.4.5 [Roulette, CTF Nuketown, Silverado, New Cars, FFR Additions]

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  • Added Roulette to the Emotion Casino
    • The Roulette Table is a fully functional 3D roulette table at the Emotion Casino, joining the other assortment of games at the casino.
  • Adderall
    • If you have the appropriate perk, you can now purchase Adderall legally every 24 hours from the Pharmacy.
    • The amphetamine content is randomised and is naturally swaying towards the lower end.
    • Adderall will primarly be used to speed up actions in future updates, but at the moment it speeds up the unloading of transport truck, smuggler boat and organ transport.
    • Possessing adderall and using adderall is legal, so long as it is prescribed to you, if you buy it anywhere else other than the pharmacy it is illegal.
  • Evidence System
    • Law Enforcement must now possess empty evidence bags to gather evidence, once they have gathered it they must post it to the forensics lab at FSP Orlando or DOC deposit boxes.
    • Evidence gets processed every 5 minutes or more depending on how much evidence is queued to be processed. The detective unit can expedite this every 15 minutes.
    • This will be expanded on in the future when cops are more comfortable and used to this new system.
  • Major Timer
    • The gang who started the major will now gain extra 5 minutes ontop of everyone elses so they can’t spam majors and other gangs will get the opportunity of starting majors.
  • Bronze Donors and above (anyone verified on twitter) now have access to emoji's on twitter, you can post one of each emoji per message, all available emojis are listed here, with more to come in the future.
  • Conflict Changes
    • Warpoint Shop Added
    • You now keep all guns at conflict, server rules will be restricting weapon caliber.
  • Medic virtual items to make RP more fun
    • Bugs Bunny
    • Bandage Cookie
    • Monster Bandage
    • Elmo Bandage
    • Flash Bandage
    • Hello Kitty Bandage
    • Mickey Bandage
    • Minnie Bandage
    • Paw Patrol Bandage
    • Sesame Street Bandage
    • Spongebob Bandage
    • Superman Bandage
    • Wonder women Bandage
  • Added 4 new trucks for doing runs with [Find out the prices in RP :)].
    • Cascadia 19 Dry Van - 600 space truck.
    • Azov Tent - 675 space truck.
    • T440 - 750 space truck.
    • Brickade - 850 space truck.
  • Price of the Terrabyte and equivalent truck dropped
  • Law Enforcement can now upgrade their locker storage size at the police station lockers for a scaled price.
  • You will now be notified whenever you level up, it will include how long it took you to level up
  • Phone Changes
    • You will now be notified the name of the person who is calling you so long as you have their name set.
    • You can now press the bottom bar during a phone call to leave the phone call screen and use your phone as normal without hanging up.
  • MDT Changes
    • Corrections can now pause someones timer during an active situation via the MDT
    • The MDT report leaderboard is now monthly, rather than all time.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    • Including faction skins for all factions
  • Pawnshop now has a 20% selling buff compared to the sign in back
  • Map Changes
    • Everglades - Revamp
    • Racetrack - Track change
    • General Bug Fixes
    • CTRG Walls
    • FSP Substation Visual Overhaul
    • CTF Nuketown
    • Melbourne - Revamp
    • Arcadia Estate
    • Miami/Orlando - PD Highway access
  • Dodo works as indented, can land and take off on water and ground
  • Volgaus can now hit speeds of 300 as shown in shops
  • Florida Fire and Rescue Additions
    • Add FFR Euro 135
    • Add FFR Longfin
    • Add FFR Evo
    • Add FFR Silverado
    • Add FFR Tundra
    • Add FFR RS6 Avant (Chief)
    • Add Flare Gun to FFR
    • Add Parachute to FFR
    • Add FFR Code Red Vest
    • Removed Lockpicks from FFR
  • Skeletons will not keep spawning if you are bugged, instead you will be prompted with a message that you should relog (NO MORE SERVER LAG)
  • You can’t buy two things at once in shops anymore, multiple bugs prevented by this (Including TFAR issues caused by gaining same radio twice at the exact same second)
  • Map markers for businesses are now synced with everyone, so if you log in when Bluking is open, it will show Open on map and not be bugged and show closed
  • Can no longer see conflict hexes when playing CTF
  • Prestiging is now working properly, when you reset your quests they will actually go away, and you will get the reward at the claim center like it should be done, you can prestige as many times as you wish HF.
  • EMS Strechers are working properly, you can load them in some of the EMS vehicles that should be compatible with strechers
  • ATM Transfers are now fixed, you won’t be transfering your money to nobody and money won’t go poof
  • You can access other phone apps while being on a phone call, you open the phone and you will have to click the bar at the bottom of the phone, it will bring up your normal phone
  • Bluking & Redburger will now automatically close when nobody is signed in / logged in to the server so no more 1% food when they are away and forgot to close
  • When leaving the prison you will not keep the prison outfit, you will get the default clothing you chose when creating the character
  • CTF kill history is now working with team colors
  • Perk for unloading organ transport quicker for EMS
  • Updated CTRG Uniforms
  • New Apex Gang Uniform, Vest, Berets with Insignias, Mask
  • Gang Hideout Customization
  • Fixed bulletproof Police Sprinter van
  • Police Dodge Charger SRT
  • Fixed text on dolphine helicopter
  • Fixed FSP fusion and evo
  • New FSP Academy uniforms & vests
  • New FSP Lieutenant+ White Uniform
  • New PD Weapon
  • Added new hats to civilian shops
  • CTF Orange Team is brighter and contains more yellow elements
  • Florida Kings Uniform, Vest and Hat
  • Scourge Uniform and Vest
  • CTRG now count towards police numbers, unless they remove themselves via a new application.
  • You will now be notified if you have a bugged vehicle in your garage that does not exist (most likely from tiering issues)
  • Gang Recruitments now only last for 7 days on the app
  • Added civilian version of the Evo.
  • Added civilian evo FQ-400.
  • Added civilian ford fusion.
  • Added civilian ford taurus.
  • Added civilian ford taurus exclusive.
  • Added civilian mercedes V220.
  • Added civilian mercedes V250.
  • Added civilian mercedes V250 4MATIC.
  • Buffed Noremacs Jeep to match Explorer '19
  • Fixed Ford Mustang GT500'19 tiering.
  • Fixed Ford Explorer '20 tiering.
  • Added tiers for Brabus B63S Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for SRT Hellcat Tun Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for Ferrari Roma Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for BMW m8 Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for Audi RS7 Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC'16 Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for Aston Martin ONE-77 Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Added tiers for GMC Sierra 1500 LIFTED Cop, Unmarked and Civ.
  • Fixed HWP Taurus being same speed as state police.



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