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Florida Life 6.5 Major Update [Disney World, Massive map changes, Cartels AND A LOT MORE!]

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Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience in waiting for 6.5, it's finally here! Big ups to the development team for their hard work.
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kbaEab3fWiy0beL_V8BirXmVyEsyf-gA/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full): Will be posted soon
Steam workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842204859
Arma 3 Sync: 

YOU MUST UPDATE TFR TO BE ABLE TO PLAY 6.5: https://www.anzus.life/forums/topic/74818-upgrading-to-65-tfar-teamspeak-plugin-guide

  • Disney World
    • A massive theme park located east of Orlando
    • Ability to steal Walt Disney's head if you can figure out where it is
    • Highest paying major on the server
    • All cops can respond (We will be monitoring win rate if its above 80/20 then we will restrict cop numbers)
  • Cartels System (Re-write of old cartel+capture points in one)
    • Three capture points
      • ARMOURY (15% of all rebel sales PHYSICAL AND VIRTUAL ITEMS)

      • Reduce gun prices in Rebel slightly

      •  NUCLEAR (15% of all SOLD Uranium, Cocaine, Weed + Processing fee)

      •  DRUGS (15% of all SOLD Mash, Cuban Cigars, Meth + Processing fee)

    • Change to Gang Bank

      •  Wipe all gang banks

      • Make it so you can deposit and withdraw from gang banks at rebels

      • Completely change rewards across the board

      • Turfs (20% of all legal sales to shops within Turf must go to the shop clerks to extort the money)

    • Change Transport Truck

      • Change transport truck to have a ARMOURY transport, NUCLEAR transport, DRUG transport. Each needs to be taken to above zone and they give a large reward

  • Gang / Rebel Changes

    • Improved Scopes

    • New Scourge Vest, Headgear & Clothing

    • New GFK  Headgear & Clothing 

    • New Regicide Vest, Headgear & Clothing

    • New McRonalds Uniform & Vest

    • Temporary Gang Initiations

    • Cody Wong's Uniform Fixed

    •  New PLUS Vests, Uniforms, Hats & Face Masks

    • New NFS Uniform & Truck Texture

    • New Chronic Vest, Headgear & Clothing

    • Added Bread Tavor 

    • Added Bread Hat

    • Changed the name of the [BG] Spear'd Bread

    • Added Mallah Oto Clothing

  • Minigame Additions / Changes (CTF / TDM)

    • Added Team Death Match (TDM) Minigame. This will be found at the same locations as CTF

    • Changed / Added a new Scoreboard for TDM & CTF

    • New K/D System for TDM & CTF

    • New Tool for starting Gamemodes so they will now be accessible by more people. 

  • New illegal items added to Weed Maps Phone Application

    • Crate of Cigars and Crate of Moonshine, craftable weedmaps higher price options for selling these. Crate of Cigars only way of selling non laced cigars.

  • Long Distance Trucker: Civilians can now visit the Logistics HQ in Tampa and take the job as a long distance trucker, as a long distance trucker you can take randomly generated trucking jobs that are available and complete trucking missions, earning money all whilst increasing your trucking experience level, giving you access to more precious cargo and higher payouts depending on your trucking level. Truckers must visit weigh stations during their deliveries to complete the jobs.

  • Players can now purchase Farmland and place fertiliser on it, rent it out to other players, and lock/unlock any sheds on their farmlad property. Farmland crops grow significantly faster than non farmland crops.

  • Players can now purchase houses as assets, rather than homes, and resell these houses to other players.

    • Farmland and empty non-home house assets will be seized if property tax is not paid on them at the Court House.

  • Informant Mission: DTU are now able to initiate a snitch mission, they must escort this snitch to a specific location in return for illegal locations. The informants location is revealed to the civilians regularly, if the informants name is leaked by the police then tweeting saying "Where is (informants name)" will reveal the exact location of the informant immediately.

  • Fishing has been reworked, you can now dig at dirt for worms as bait, you can now catch longer/shorter fish and the price depends on the length of the fish. Higher purity adderall also gives you a reaction bonus allowing you to catch fish easier.

  • Rebel Raid: Special Operations in the Highway Patrol are now able to raid rebel, If there are more police in the rebel zone than civilians by the time the raid concludes, the raid will succeed and rebel will be closed for one hour. Police can only attempt this once per restart.

  • Adjusted ATM Robberies: you can now commit ATM robberies without a weapon, you need tools instead, the ATM robbery includes the circle game and police will be notified of your uniform if you fail.

  • Skill Tracking: When earning XP towards a certain skill, a new type of notification (priority notification) will appear, displaying your progress towards the next level and your total XP.

  •  Civilian MDT: Civilians can now access the State MDT at the Courthouse, giving them restricted access to their own profile, their own arrest history and their personal assets. The Code of Laws is also now based on the MDT.

  • Gang Patches: Gang members can now take patches from the bodies of other gang members they kill. These patches can be turned in at rebel, placing their gang on the new gang leaderboard at the rebel base. The leaderboard is reset very 24 hours.

  • Art Gallery Artwork: Players can now paint artwork at the art gallery and applying the paintings, players can load other peoples paintings with windows key. This is a very experimental feature.

  • Radio List: Added the list of players on your radio to the top right, showing green names that are talking on the radio and blue names that are not.

  • Police Vehicle Stereo radios: Police vehicles now have stereo radios on loudspeaker, these radios can communicate to all other police vehicles on the Island.

  • Trouble in Terrorist Town: As prior tested on the live server, trouble in terrorist town is a hostable event that puts players in a social game of hunting and killing the traitors, whilst avoiding being killed by those same traitors.

  • New Main Menu: New (old) main menu adding a more optimised way of joining the ANZUS server, along with a more slick design and a notification on how many steam friends you have on ANZUS when you attempt to join the server. The main menu also has a means to join the server via the joining server channel.

  • New Police Radios: Police have the option to purchase a new custom radio with two varients, one allows for local immersive radio beeps (called an MDC), and the other is silent just like RoleplayRadio was. Please note that the Silent radio is currently broken and will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.

  • TFAR Updated: If you attempt to join with the incorrect TFAR version, you'll be directed to a guided on how to upgrade your TFAR.

  • Door Chimes: Police vehicles now have door chimes when the vehicle is left unoccupied and unlocked, they can be disabled in the MDT settings.

  • Break Down Door: Police now have the ability to break down any doors that are not faction or player owned buildings.

  • FHP Changes

    • Added New Florida Highway Patrol Interceptors

    • Improved Scopes

    • Orange County Sheriff's Office Overhaul - New Uniforms / Colour Scheme

    • Vice Renamed to FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) - New Uniforms / Vehicle Textures

    • Added New Florida Highway Patrol Vests

    • SWAT Sniper & High Magnification Scope

    • New FHP Female Uniforms - Regular & Formal 

    • Added CERT Tahoe

    • Added DTU Gang Unit Textures (Including Female & Male Variants) 

    • Added DTU GSU Suburban

    • Added New CERT Clothing

    • Added USCG Tow Truck

    • Increased PD Evo Speed

    • Fixed USCG Explorer Tiers

    • Fixed Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (Widebody) - No longer Flips

    • Added Attachments to DTU Shop

    • Tyrony's Mustang changed to SWAT

    • Nucky's Vice Vest swapped to FBI

  • FFR Changes

    • FFR Vest / Radio Strap

    • FFR Rescue Truck (Brake lines were cut)

    • FFR Hazmat Truck (Brake lines were cut)

    • FFR Brute Ambulance (No longer drives like a boat & doesn't flip)

    • Quests have been added for FFR

  • Civilian Changes

    • Added 30 Uniforms

    • Added 135 Masks / Glasses

    • Added 25 Hats

  • The Volatus helicopter can now be customized

  • Light upgrades w/ light switches to factory & gang hideout

  • Tape from the top floor door at the embassy (door now works as usual)

  • 5 new race courses, 1 land, 2 air races, and 2 boat races

  • Playing cards

  • Kill feed is now displayed along left side

  • You can now loot bodies for their weaponsat Labs

  • Gang hexes are now RED to be seen easier

  • Toolkit can now be assigned in the hotbar

  • Wheel Texture modification added to Modshop

  • New Transport Truck Texture

  • Upgraded all Pickup Truck Storage

  • All Motorbike Off-road Speeds have been increased

  • Daniel's Jack Carbine

  • Armstrong's Dodge Texture & Fixed Vehicle Horn

  • Favourites Menu to Crafting

  • Major Crime Timer Menu

  • Daily Rewards Icon for the Claims UI

  • Double XP Indicator which can be found in the bottom of the HUD

  • Bandaging in Vehicles has been added

  • Mining Hotspots have been added

  • Tree Farming Quests

  • Gas Station Payout will now scale depending on the Police in the Area

  • Changed Cuba Capture Time

  • Fixed Bug in the Weapon Store with 10x Magazine Purchasing 

  • Tiers have been added for a large majority of vehicles that didn't have them prior

  • Lots more bug fixes

  • Map Changes:
    • City and Rural Area Reworks
    • Arcadia
    • Okeechobee
    • Orlando
    • Miami
    • Jacksonville
    • St Pete
    • Confict
    • Raceway
    • Apex Gang Base
    • Kodiak Runway (FIX)
    • DOC
    • Steel Processor
    • Museum
    • Earth Mine
    • CG Boat Dock
    • CG Base
    • Disney
    • Nuclear Cap Zone
    • Armoury Cap Zone
    • Drug Lab Cap Zone
    • Movement of Major Crimes
    • And more!
    • image.thumb.jpeg.dc5a5251430bd76d2882d3a393d54c09.jpeg
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