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Kamdan Life 2.1

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Modpack Update Required - ~500mb
Arma 3 Sync NA:

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bp7CnttjRIcXo7p9wHKLs9ER21pfAMIv/view?usp=sharing


    • Use an RGB scale to paint your vehicle, it has been modified to prevent extreme/unrealistic colours.
    • Change your plate number to your preference, 7 characters or under. (Plates are not yet unique)
    • You can reset your vehicle to default plate and default texture with ease.
    • Windows key while in the Kamdan Customs building located in West Kamdan City
  • Conviction Logging System added to Police Phone (Thank you Cyan Flare)
    • Automatic discord bot that logs it when you type the information in-game.
  • Added an entirely new fleet of Kamdan State Police patrol vehicles.
    • Multiple new patrol vehicles
    • 2 new DOC cars
  • New Artifacts Quest ($1,000,000 reward to whoever finds all of them first check #artficat-quest on discord to work together!)
    • Rewards: $125,000 - Tinfoil Hat - 2750 XP
  • Fixed the distance statistic in the death screen once you have been killed so it now displays an accurate distance.
  • Fixed various bugs that appeared due to the Arma 3 Contact DLC platform update.
  • Added new Contact DLC CBRN/SCBA gear for Emergency Medical Services. (These are only EMS for the time being, if you have any ideas, make a suggestion)
  • Changed the colour of text above info-stands 
  • Roleplay Radio will now flash when you are not in TeamSpeak rather than a pure black screen.
    • If this is abused, it will be removed.
  • New Kamdan State Police vest and Kamdan Sheriff's Office vest from the contact DLC.
  • New helicopter added to Police shop
  • New Contact DLC AK added to Rebel (We will add more of these overtime as we test them and get a feel to see if they're OP)
  • Wax land added (Drakes islands)
  • Nostra gang uniform added
  • New intro song (We can change if people hate it)
  • New Police Dog added (now has vest and looks like a German Shepard)
  • Fixed Playboy Uniforms
  • Several map fixes changes
    • Added barriers to the coastal highway
    • Trees removed from roads
















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  • Server Manager
35 minutes ago, Rippa said:

where are the dogs? I cant see any police dogs in the shops and im LT


At the moment the dogs are useless and simply just a animal that follows you around, once they have more functions they will be available to more cops I presume

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