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Kamdan Life 5.9 Changelog [HAUNTED HOUSE, NEW MAJOR, NEW CARS]

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  • Developer [FiveM]



Google Drive (Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RDEPs-r_w1eJyysxyjaM2yW9km3Xfs2b/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:


  • Haunted House Halloween Event
    • Start at Kamdan City
    • Reward is money + Nimbus 2000 Harry Potter Broomstick
  • Blackjack System
    • Located at Chapman Streams Casino
    • Must be 18+ IRL to play
    • Run by the mafia
  • Gang Recruitment System
    • Ability to apply/recruit to gangs within the server
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges
    • New Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges to complete
  • On Screen Conflict Leaderboard
  • Tips and Tricks system
  • Player shops:
    • Made withdrawing earnings to go company bank
    • Added company perms
    • Fixed physical shop add/remove
    • Made removing virtual items use amount input box
    • Added check to not take out more items then you can hold
    • Added option to edit virtual item's price
  • Added SWAT Major
    • Rob the SWAT base to recieve a hard drive
    • Take the hard drive to the decoder to get the locations of all the players that have snitched
  • New planes
    • Blimp
    • Private Jet
    • Civilian Goose
  • New Cars
    • Humvee (Unique)
    • Ram Ambulance (All of EMS)
    • 2020 Dodge SRT (All of PD)
    • Boss Mustang (Captain+ of PD)
    • Silverado (Unique)
    • X5 (Unique)
  • Tow system changes
    • Vantage Tow has the ability to mark for tow
    • Vantage Tow can now claim vehicles and PD wont be able to impound them once claimed
  • 3.0 mobster added to map and added to cartel cycle
  • Add hospital arounds the map
  • Redone PD Training
  • Redone Silverush Casino
  • Made federal bank a lot easier to rob
  • Give ticket hint changed
  • Added antispam to underwater restraining
  • Changed jailing lifers reward to 50k
  • Added Cuban Racing variant
  • Added new Cuban default livery
  • Added new Cuban Cargo livery
  • Added back gang rename and set frequency
  • Made active frequency show for cops on map markers
  • Added new livery for MAA Grumman Goose
  • Added new civilian Grumman Goose
  • Weeb Mafia Alternative Gang Uniform
  • 666 Gang Uniform
  • Lifer notifications for PD when they log on
  • Give ticket hint changed for civilians explaining you pay at court house
  • All majors fixed
  • Burglary timer bug despawn fixed


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Amazing update guys! Loving the new hellcat

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